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Volunteer for Reading Retreats in Rural Italy, near Mantova!

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10/ 10

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Work, fun and friends I will always cherish

If you have always wanted to live in the countryside, if you crave a pause from hectic university life or stressful working life, or if you just want an Italian life experience, Macchina Fissa is the place for you. If working alongside passionate and hardworking people inspires you and makes you work hard too, if waking up in rooms with original artwork, living in a house with 3 pianos, 7 pet goats and thousands of books and in a garden with thousand of different plants sounds inviting, then I recommend this internship. After 5 short months, the Macchina Fissa Family feels like my family too, and that is probably what I treasure most from my time there. During my stay, I worked hard and partied hard, I did everything from web design and curating, to cleaning toilets and cutting an unimaginable amount of wood for kindling, and enjoyed every single moment. Living in close proximity with others, on an isolated from civilization property can be challenging, but it will push you in good ways, to become communicative, tolerant and resilient. Clark runs an association that is built with Love, Blood and Sweat. The new location of the association has great character, with its maze-like circulation, cozy interiors, great 'rural Italy' setting and ample garden space, but has a long way to go, so I strongly suggest this internship to anyone who likes getting his hands dirty and is eager to see the creative potential in what others deem impossible!