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Volunteer in Tanzania with Raleigh International

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10/ 10

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My expedition in Tanzania really opened my eyes. It opened my eyes to what I can achieve as an individual. On an expedition, you're surrounded by like minded people who all share the same vision. It's a powerful, inspiring environment to be in. It also opened my eyes to international development. As a volunteer, you are at the heart of sustainable development projects. You could work on projects to provide clean water to a community, or to conserve the environment through reforestation. Raleigh truly believe that young people can make a difference. Because of this, you are actively encouraged to achieve more than you think you can. It pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Since returning to the UK, Tanzania is a country that continues to draw me back. There is something special about it that I can't quite put my finger on. It's a country filled with people who truly care about others; there is a real sense of community. The landscapes are aesthetically beautiful. And there is always a pleasant surprise around the corner.

My top tip for anyone thinking about going to Tanzania would be to leave your perceptions on poverty behind. Yes there is poverty, yes you will see it, but it is not the even a piece of the whole puzzle. Even though many have so little, it's a place filled with joy and happiness. It makes you appreciate the small things. Only those who have been can truly appreciate how special a country Tanzania truly is. It can't be put into words.

It was a pleasure to work with an organisation that encouraged me to become the best version of myself. Whilst helping me gain the skills, knowledge and ethic to have a greater impact on the lives of others during the process. If you want to create impact, be surrounded by like minded below (who will become your closest friends), whilst being in a safe, secure environment, I couldn't recommend Raleigh International enough.