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About Queenstown Resort College

Year Founded: 2006

Queenstown Resort College welcomes international students from across the globe to New Zealand. Students from more than 25 countries, including Canada, China, the United Kingdom, and the United States, choose to study with us every year. International students choose Queenstown and the college for the safe environment conducive to hospitality and tourism study, excellent year-round employment opportunities, degree pathways within New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Switzerland, six months to nine months of fully paid work during internships, our well-qualified and industry focused lecturing staff, and our internationally recognized and respected programs.

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Queenstown Resort College Study Abroad

New Zealand : Queenstown

Study abroad in Queenstown, New Zealand for a unique and memorable learning experience. When you study abroad at Queenstown Resort College, you will receive a quality education...

Hospitality Management

New Zealand : Queenstown

Start your degree in Queenstown, New Zealand and choose Australia or Switzerland to finish! Queenstown Resort College delivers the Diploma of Hospitality Management in...

Adventure Tourism Management

New Zealand : Queenstown

Start your degree in Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world... then finish in Canada! The Diploma of Adventure Tourism Management has been developed in consultation...