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Care Project at the Vietnam Friendship Village

My experience volunteering through Projects Abroad was honestly phenomenal! As a pre-med student, I wanted to do something meaningful during my summer, and I especially wanted to go abroad. Out of the various organizations available, I chose to volunteer through Projects Abroad because as a first-time international traveler, Projects Abroad seemed to provide a lot of support, advice, and tips to their volunteers. I am happy to say that Projects Abroad certainly exceeded my expectations on this. Before my trip, I found the national office and volunteer adviser to be super helpful and accommodating to my placement requests; and the second I was picked up from the airport after 23 hours of travel, I found that the local staff in Vietnam were just as helpful. They were super friendly and were eager to help me make the best of my experience there; and when I suddenly became ill during my stay, they were quick to accompany me to the hospital and made sure that I was okay. Whether it was giving advice on a work-related issue or recommending restaurants and sights to see, the local Projects Abroad staff was happy to help! In addition, the volunteer house was large, clean, and comfortable, and the cook was absolutely amazing at her job!

As for my project, I could not have been happier! In response to my specific requests, Projects Abroad placed me at the Vietnam Friendship Village, a rehabilitation center for Vietnam veterans and Agent Orange victims, where I taught English in the mornings and assisted the physiotherapy department during the afternoons. Most care project volunteers teach and plan classroom activities, but Projects Abroad was happy to help me include a medical component in my project because of my studies. The people at my placement were super friendly and easy to approach, and the kids I worked with were incredibly happy to have me there. It was so rewarding to see that my time there was much appreciated. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity meet so many new people and to gain so many new and exciting experiences. Overall, I loved my experience with Projects Abroad and would have loved to stay longer!

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