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Moldova: Chisinau


In Moldova, Russian and Romanian are both widely spoken. Through Projects Abroad you have the opportunity to follow a two-week or month long intensive Russian Language Project. You will receive 15 hours of tuition each week with fully-qualified teachers. As with all our one-to-one language courses, from the first lesson the pace will be tailored to suit your abilities and needs. A good understanding of Russian will enable you to make the most of your free time in Moldova

While studying on the Russian Language Project and living in Moldova you will probably become the first foreign friend for many local people, and you have a good opportunity to influence the way they see the world. Imagine what a good impression you will make if you have taken the time to learn one of their national languages!

In Moldova, Romanian and Russian cultures meet and you can learn a great deal about the local culture in this utterly unspoiled corner of central Europe. Living with a Russian-speaking family in Chisinau - the small and charming capital of Moldova - you will be able to explore the enchanting sights of this developing city while you immerse yourself in the Russian language.

Chisinau blends European and Soviet influences with just a touch of 21st century chic. It's a great place for you if you love the arts, offering great museums, galleries, and spectacular operatic and ballet performances.

Projects Abroad also offers projects in Teaching, Care, Medicine, and Journalism in Moldova. By starting your time in Moldova on a Language Project with a month of classes in Russian you will certainly benefit if you then choose to continue on another volunteer project. This will allow you to put your new language skills to use in a practical work setting.


The standard Moldovan language is considered by most linguists to be identical to standard Romanian, which is an eastern Romance language. Colloquial spoken 'Moldovan' differs from Romanian because it has a distinct Russian influence. Native Russian is spoken by a significant minority of the population. Moldovan culture has the same roots as Romanian culture, and has been influenced by Roman colonization, the Byzantine Empire, neighboring Slavic and Magyar populations, Ottoman Turks, Slavic and Russian culture and most recently Western Europe, especially France (French influence can be seen in literature and art).

Chisinau, your base while volunteering abroad, is an enchanting old city, with tree-lined boulevards, vibrant markets, picturesque parks and plenty of other activities and attractions for the visitor. From the suburbs it is a short trolley-bus ride into the city center, where you will find a wide range of restaurants and bars to suit all tastes and budgets. Moldova has many surprisingly good attractions, especially its museums and art galleries. If you like the performing arts, you will love the opportunity to see some spectacular ballet and opera performances.

From this region it's also easy to explore the vineyards around Chisinau or the monasteries in Orhei. You might want to see the Trans Dniester region, which is still run unofficially as a self-styled republic. You can also travel further into the former Soviet Union and visit the Ukraine, which is only a few hours train-ride away.

You can also choose to take a short 14-hour or 30-hour course in Russian while participating in one of our volunteer programs in Moldova. These courses are tailored to your needs and run alongside your volunteering abroad placement. If you are planning to spend at least three months volunteering in Moldova you can also choose to take a 60-hour course which will run alongside your main project. Read more on our Language Plus page.


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