Projects Abroad volunteer teacher and her students Projects Abroad volunteer teacher and her students

Conservation in Costa Rica with Projects Abroad

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Living the PURA VIDA Way!

I absolutely loved the two months of my gap semester that I spent in Costa Rica through Projects Abroad.
Projects Abroad does a wonderful job planning out the volunteer schedule to make sure everyone is engaged in worthwhile work and having a fabulous trip experience. The volunteers take part in various projects at Barra Honda National Park, all of which support the park and help build strong bonds between the staff members and volunteers. My personal favorite projects were the bat projects and bird surveys, but I also really enjoyed implementing the other conservation programs in the park, such as building bio-gardens for the local schools or working in the nursery garden.
The Projects Abroad staff members are so friendly and were always ready to help. From the beginning, I had a contact person who helped me plan my trip and who was very good about answering my many questions about what the experience would entail. The staff members on site in Costa Rica are truly incredible. I think I speak for many volunteers when I say that the whole Barra Honda community is really a family; everyone grows close together very quickly! The park is a place where people come from all over the world with the common interest of protecting our planet, but along the way everyone shares their languages and cultures. These interactions gave me a much more global outlook on life and the people I met in the park are now some of my best friends, whom I will treasure for years to come.
Projects Abroad did a fantastic job in helping me have an experience where I felt extremely safe and loved. I had originally planned on 5 weeks and ended up staying 2 months because I enjoyed it so much, so I would make sure you have some flexibility in your schedule so that you too can extend your stay! Every day is worth it. PURA VIDA!

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