Projects Abroad volunteer teacher and her students Projects Abroad volunteer teacher and her students

Care Work with Children in Argentina with Projects Abroad

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Providing Care in Argentina

I volunteered in the city of Cordoba for the Argentina Projects Abroad. The overall experience of the trip was absolutely incredible and had a large affect on my prospecitive of the world. I first decided to volunteer because I had a semester where I was not taking classes and was able to get the time off of work. I had only been out of the country once and had never traveled by myself. I wanted a trip that would place me out of my comfort zone and allow me to build my indepedence. This trip did just that! I do not speak Spanish very well so I was a bit overwhelmed traveling alone when I got about halfway on my journey as it took me some time to figure out the different airports but I wouldn't change a single thing. It tested my ability to figure things out for myself and my communication skills. Once I arrived in Cordoba I instantly felt extremely comfortable. I was picked up at the airport and brought directly to my host families house. My family was amazing and I had a blast living at the home for 3 weeks. I did have another volunteer as a roomate which was extremely nice because she had already been there for 3 months and could show me around the city as well as introduce me to other volunteers. During my placement I worked at a daycare facility with 0-4 year olds playing with them, planning daily learning activities, and helping out wherever I was needed with different task around the daycare. The kids were absolutely amazing and I instantly fell in love with them. It was a bit difficult at first because the other teachers and the kids spoke no english and I was not fluent in Spanish. I did pick up enough to communicate with the children and to feel comfortable instructing them on different tasks. We tried to focus on doing activites that would really help the children learn. We worked on colors, numbers, letters, made masks to learn the parts of the face, and colored Easter eggs to hang up the week of Easter. It was so great getting to know the kids and forming relationships with them. I loved getting to plan activities and really have freedom to plan what we would be working on each day. I also really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet so many other amazing volunteers! I made so many life long friends and it was so great to get all of there different stories. One of the weekends I was there was Easter weekend so we had Friday offf of work. Projects Abroad organized a volunteer trip for us that weekend to Mendoza which was incredible! We did vineyard tours, rafting, trekking, and mountain repelling off the side of the Andes Mountains. It was unforgettable. I would love to go back to Argentina or to travel with Projects Abroad to another location to volunteer for a second time. I learned so much about volunteering, the organizations, the country, and especially myself.

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