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Earth Expeditions in Brazil

This course focuses on multi-faceted species conservation, including biological issues relevant to species reintroductions and translocations, management of wild and zoo-based...

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Earth Expeditions in Paraguay

Nestled in the heart of South America, Paraguay is home to the beautifully delicate Cerrado, the lush Atlantic Forest, the challenging Gran Chaco, and other rare and secluded...

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Earth Expeditions in Galápagos

The Galápagos Islands are a spectacular natural treasure and one of the best places on Earth to appreciate change. To biologists, a trip to the Galápagos is something of...

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Earth Expeditions in Thailand

Travel to Thailand to investigate this country's astonishing Old World rain forests and diverse cultural environments. This course will address key topics in ecology while...

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Earth Expeditions in Namibia

Travel to Namibia, Africa, with Cincinnati Zoo and Miami University instructors to join the Zoo's long-term partnership with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF)--the global...

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Earth Expeditions in Mongolia

Travel to Mongolia, the "Land of Blue Sky." The birthplace of the Mongol Empire, the largest contiguous empire in human history, Mongolia is now a vibrant democracy and

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Earth Expeditions in Kenya

The South Rift Valley of Kenya, stretching from the Maasai Mara National Reserve through Amboseli National Park, is one of the most spectacular wildlife areas on the planet....

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Earth Expeditions in India

Journey through the rich ecological, cultural, and spiritual landscapes of the Western Ghats, exploring sacred groves and forest temples where the fate of wildlife, people,...

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United States

Earth Expeditions in Hawaii

Students in this course will join with San Diego Zoo Global (SDZG), Project Dragonfly, and Hawaiian partners to explore what it takes to save species in the wild. We will...

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Earth Expeditions in Guyana

Building on a partnership with the Chicago Zoological Society - Brookfield Zoo, this course focuses on the traditional ecological knowledge of the Makushi and the potential...

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Costa Rica

Earth Expeditions in Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica to explore Neotropical systems, including lowland rain forest and cloud forest. Investigate the biotic, physical, and cultural forces that affect tropical...

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Earth Expeditions in Borneo

Project Dragonfly, Miami University, lets students study the primate denizens in Borneo, which include the orangutans. The Earth Expeditions and Global Field Program will...

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Earth Expeditions in Belize

Join our partner, the Belize Zoo, and explore diverse terrestrial, coastal, and coral reef communities of Belize, while learning about conservation programs on such species...

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Earth Expeditions in Baja

Experience the spectacular desert and marine landscapes of a Biosphere Reserve in Baja (Mexico) through ecological and social field methods through Project Dragonfly's Earth...

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