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Japan: Fukuoka


Japan is also known as the “Land of the rising sun”, or as the Japanese call it “Nihon” or “Nippon”. The country consists of over three thousand islands extending along the Pacific Coast of Asia. Together they are often known as the Japanese Archipelago.

Japan is famously known for its sushi, sumo and geishas, as well as its beautiful temples, palaces and breathtaking gardens.

Discover the diversity and beauty of Japan’s southernmost island Kyushu during your PractiGo foreign work placement in Fukuoka. The city has around 1.5 million inhabitants and, due to its location in Hakata Bay, is a well-known city for trade and Japan’s hub for international relationships. During your internship in Japan, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the secrets of the Japanese culture and language.


1. Decide when you would like to get started with your internship.
2. Work in the industry of your choice.
3. Get the support you need while working abroad.
4. Enjoy getting to know the unique Japanese culture.
5. Have fun with the country's various attractions.

10 Overall Experience

Summer Internship in Japan

I really like how I can choose my own internship through this program and pick any kind of industry that I'm interested in. I plan to work for Education to teach Japanese students English as their second language and develop English proficiency skills. I also like how you can still get support while doing your internship here. I studied abroad in Tokyo from September until February of this year and I still want to experience the Japanese culture in the rural side of Japan!

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