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Front-End Developer / Full Time in Bali, Indonesia


- Have a passion for developing new and appealing user-facing features
- Make our interfaces beautiful, user friendly, and appealing to the users
- Help and work side by side with back-end developers when needed
- Can lead and collaborate with team members
- Create and maintain graphic standards and branding throughout our sites
- Able to build reusable code and libraries
- Optimize applications for high quality speed and scalability
- Able to make sure input is valid before passing it onto the back-end
- Keep up website maintenance and improvement
- The ability to create quality work on tight timelines

Skills Required:
- Extremely proficient in Front-end Technology (html/css/javascript)
- Understands Front-end library (React.JS OR AngularJS)
- A good understanding of JavaScript libraries and frameworks, such as AngularJS, KnockoutJS, BackboneJS, ReactJS, DurandalJS etc.
- Some knowledge of image authoring tools. You should be able to crop, resize, or make adjustments on images.
- Understands cross-browser compatibility issues and knows to work around them.
- The ability to translate of the UI/UX design wireframes to code
- Knowledge of devOps (docker,yeoman,git) is a plus
- The ability to use Gimp or Photoshop is a plus
- A general knowledge of SEO principles is a plus

Job Types

  • Computer Science
  • Information Systems
  • Technology
  • Web Design


  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese

Experience Required


This Program is open to

European, American, Canadian, Australian, South African, Irish, British, Asian, Worldwide and Kiwi Participants.

Application Process Involves

  • In-Person Interview when Feasible
  • Phone/Video Interview
  • Resume
  • Written Application

Typically The Application Process Time is

1 week