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Kindergarten – Volunteer in Peru and Learn Spanish!

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10/ 10

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Expanding my horizon with Peru Volunteer

I worked with Peru Volunteer about half a year. My time in Peru started with a Spanish language course where I was taught by very kind and capable teachers. At that time, I already got to know some other volunteers. I became good friends with some people of the organisation and I am still having contact with them now being back in Germany. After the first month, I started with the projects. Besides working in the kindergarten, I also gave English classes and supported the sport teachers occasionally. That is also a point I really liked about the organisation. Everything was very flexible and the coordinators were interested about what you wanted to do and how your projects worked. The coolest thing at the project in the kindergarten was the openness of the children towards the volunteers. In a short period you build close relationships with the children and they really enjoy playing with you.
During your work, you will get to difficult and challenging moments not only once. Due to language barriers and cultural differences you possibly bump into some misunderstandings. But if you are having an open attitude and you are willing to learn from these difficult situations the time can develop yourself a lot at your time at the organization.
Personally, I can really recommend Peru Volunteer (and Cusco which is a city with a great historical atmosphere)!