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About Panrimo

Year Founded: 2007

Panrimo caters to students' overseas interests with a personal questionnaire that allows us to get to know them and provide a more personalized program from start to finish. We employ kind and knowledgeable coordinators in the host city eager to welcome and make students feel at home. We provide centrally located, safe, clean shared apartments with like-minded people, hospitable host families, and well-equipped residence halls. When students choose to study or intern abroad with Panrimo, they become connected with a group of students and graduates who have traveled the globe with us. They will get to know our staff and onsite coordinators before the trip begins. They will share unforgettable experiences with peers and colleagues abroad.

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Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain with Panrimo!

Spain : Barcelona

Panrimo partners with Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, a school dedicated to preserving the culture and language of the surrounding Catalonian region. Students are given...

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Study Abroad in Madrid, Spain with Panrimo!

Spain : Madrid

Bask in the warm Mediterranean climate of Spain's capital city. Palaces, museums, and operas are only some of the attractions waiting for you here. Amazing food, people,

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Study Abroad in Paris, France with Panrimo!

France : Paris

Full of love, lights, and fun, Paris is the seminal French city. There's no better place to study French or French culture, and with Panrimo you have 2 schools to choose

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Intern Abroad in London, England with Panrimo!

England : London

London is not only a popular travel destination, but also a smart choice for those looking to add an international experience to their resume. Panrimo offers personalized...

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Intern Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic with Panrimo!

Czech Republic : Prague

The city of Prague is a wonderful destination and a popular one for many international students seeking a true European intern abroad experience. With many locals speaking...

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Study Abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland with Panrimo!

Scotland : Stirling

With 34,000 residents—many of whom are college students—Stirling is technically the smallest “city” in Scotland. But there’s plenty to do. Head to Tolbooth Club...

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Study Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic with Panrimo!

Czech Republic : Prague

Students will study at Charles University, one of the oldest universities in the world and the best-rated Czech university according to international rankings. With a large...

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Intern Abroad in Dublin, Ireland with Panrimo!

Ireland : Dublin

Dublin is a thriving, multicultural capital city, with a diversity of workplaces and expertise that make it a prime location for anyone looking to intern abroad. With opportunities...

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Intern Abroad in Reykjavik, Iceland with Panrimo!

Iceland : Reykjavik

Reykjavik is one of the greenest, safest, and cleanest cities ever created. Adjacent to dormant volcanoes, hot spring pools, and glaciers, it's the perfect place to dance...

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Intern Abroad in Madrid, Spain with Panrimo!

Spain : Madrid

For interns with interest in entering the fields of journalism, writing, tourism, or human resources, Spain's capital city of Madrid is an excellent place to intern abroad....

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Intern Abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland with Panrimo!

Scotland : Edinburgh

Panrimo offers students and young professionals the opportunity to intern in a variety of industries such as event planning, architecture, and library science, among many...

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Study Abroad in Florence, Italy with Panrimo!

Italy : Florence

Panrimo offers students the chance to learn about Italian culture and language while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Students can take courses through Santa Reparata

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Study Abroad in Lyon, France with Panrimo!

France : Lyon

Lyon is one of the greatest secrets in France. Not only is it the center of world gastronomy (the science of cooking), it has some of the best Roman ruins. From Vieux Lyon...

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Study Abroad in Grenoble, France with Panrimo!

France : Grenoble

This Panrimo program is best suited for students and professional seeking an intensive French language and culture program in a unique French city. Panrimo partners with

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Study Abroad in London, England with Panrimo!

England : London

Whether you grew up reading Harry Potter, dancing to the music of any number of British bands, or simply fell in love with the city while watching the Olympics, this is the...

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Study Abroad in Reykjavik, Iceland with Panrimo!

Iceland : Reykjavik

Reykjavik University, located in the country's capital, was established in 1998 and offers courses for international students studying natural sciences. For those interested...

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Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland with Panrimo!

Ireland : Dublin

Panrimo partners exclusively with American College Dublin, ranked as a StudyAbroad 101 top program for 3 years running. ACD's campus is housed in a number of beautiful Georgian...

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Alumni Interviews

Staff Interviews

  • Emily Zaycosky - Intern Abroad Assistant Director

    Emily Zaycosky - Intern Abroad Assistant Director

    Emily’s travels began with a semester of study abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she fell in love with the nation’s rich history, and surprisingly, the frigid winter. After graduating, she worked for a few years before becoming part of the Panrimo team. Emily currently spends her work day setting up internships for students all over Europe.


Girl celebrating Maslenitsa in Russia

    Celebrating my favorite Russian holiday, Maslenitsa, in St. Petersburg, Russia

    How did you get connected with Panrimo?

    After I moved back to the U.S. from St. Petersburg, Russia, I found out about Panrimo through the Secuss Listserv. I knew I wanted to be involved in international education after I came back, and it’s a really great resource for those who are already in the field or are looking for a foot in the door. I had originally talked with Panrimo about working for the study abroad team, but once I found I could work for their intern team I was sold.

    How does your own international experience help you in your current role?

    I’ve both studied and worked abroad, and working abroad is a really unique experience. Even though a lot is different when you live in a different country, you still do things like go grocery shopping and commute to work. You’re able to connect with the culture of a country in a really special way when you have the same routine as everyone else. Students are sometimes concerned that they’re going to miss out on living in their host country if they’re working full-time, but really it’s the opposite; that’s the best way to do it!

    What does a normal day of work look like for you?

    Most of my job involves working with our partners who are five to six hours ahead of Eastern time, so my day usually starts around 7 a.m. (noon in the UK, 1 p.m. in Europe) with a big mug of tea. I’ll check in with our partners currently hosting interns, have skype meetings and calls with new partners in our network, and work with our current network to find new opportunities for our students. We also have our student interviews in the morning, so I’ll check in with our partners and students to see how everything went. The European business day ends around noon, so I spend the afternoon working with our intern abroad advisor on preparing student applications to be sent overseas.


View of Edinburgh, Scotland

    Getting some photos for our intern abroad catalog in Edinburgh, Scotland

    What do you think sets Panrimo internships apart from other internships abroad?

    I can honestly say it’s our partners. I’ve met most of them, and we work with fascinating people who do really exceptional work. Whether it’s the fashion designer who immigrated to London to launch her fashion label or the psychologist who started a school especially for children with Autism, they love what they do and they want to share the experience with their intern. Because of that passion, our interns are involved in meaningful work and gain really valuable work experience.

    How do you ensure individuals are placed with the best internship for their interests and goals in going abroad?

    We really just take the time to get to know the people we work with, both partners and students. As part of our vetting process, we have an initial interview with our students to go over their career goals and what they’re looking to get out of an internship. We also help them put together an international resume that highlights their experience thus far. We also make sure that we know our partners well, to make sure that our interns are going to the right place.


Seaside view of Istanbul, Turkey

    Taking in the sights in Istanbul, Turkey

    You’ve spent time studying Spanish, Russian, and German. How important are language skills in Panrimo’s internship programs? What language learning opportunities do participants have?

    For us it’s important to send interns who are great communicators and have the flexibility to work in a multilingual setting. Many of our partners speak more than one language in their office, and for many of our interns it’s an adjustment working in that kind of environment. Our interns definitely have the opportunity to exercise their language skills and pick up a new language, but they never have to worry about being in an environment where they’re the only English speaker.

    In your role with Panrimo, how do you ensure host companies benefit as much from the internship as interns do?

    Much like we want to ensure our students are having a meaningful experience, we want to make sure our partners are getting great interns. We know our partners very well, and we make sure we know the kind of intern they need and the type of work the intern will be involved with.

    During our vetting process, we try to make sure that the candidate lines up with what the employers need. We make sure that every intern interviews with their employer as well. We also work with our partners to come up with a structured internship program. That way, the partners decide which projects the intern will work on and the intern knows their goals from the beginning.

    What is the most rewarding part of your job?

    The most rewarding part of my job is seeing what our students can do during their internships. This summer I had the opportunity to meet our interns in Edinburgh and London while they were on their programs. It was my first time meeting students on the ground, and they were all having a blast and doing so well at work. Going abroad takes a lot more effort than people realize, both for us as a provider and for students themselves, and it was so rewarding to see them thriving. It certainly makes me feel like I have the right job!

    Are there any new internship destinations or placements prospective participants should look out for in 2016?

    We’re really excited about our new programs in Dublin, Ireland. We just established a study abroad partnership with American College Dublin this year, and we’re also launching our new internship program as well. We’ve already lined up some really exceptional placements in healthcare and education, and we can’t wait to start sending students over!


Girl holding a large bird in Costa Rica

    Making new friends in San Jose, Costa Rica

    If you could intern abroad with Panrimo, where would you go and what would you do?

    Last summer we starting working with a performance venue in Reykjavik, Iceland, and I would definitely intern with them. We sent an intern there to work with their management team; she spent her summer helping performers prepare for their events, then working the events in the evening. She did everything from sound checks to setting up art installations, and she had the chance to meet so many different people involved in the Reykajvik arts scene. As a music lover and frequent concert-goer, I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer. I also think it would be really fun to try and pick up some Icelandic.