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About Panrimo

Year Founded: 2007

Panrimo caters to students' overseas interests with a personal questionnaire that allows us to get to know them and provide a more personalized program from start to finish. We employ kind and knowledgeable coordinators in the host city eager to welcome and make students feel at home. We provide centrally located, safe, clean shared apartments with like-minded people, hospitable host families, and well-equipped residence halls. When students choose to study or intern abroad with Panrimo, they become connected with a group of students and graduates who have traveled the globe with us. They will get to know our staff and onsite coordinators before the trip begins. They will share unforgettable experiences with peers and colleagues abroad.

Discover Programs

Study Abroad in Reykjavik, Iceland with Panrimo!

Iceland : Reykjavik

Reykjavik University, located in the country's capital, was established in 1998 and offers courses for international students studying natural sciences. For those interested...

Study Abroad in Paris, France with Panrimo!

France : Paris

Full of love, lights, and fun, Paris is the seminal French city. There's no better place to study French or French culture, and with Panrimo you have 2 schools to choose

Study Abroad in Madrid, Spain with Panrimo!

Spain : Madrid

Bask in the warm Mediterranean climate of Spain's capital city. Palaces, museums, and operas are only some of the attractions waiting for you here. Amazing food, people,

Intern Abroad in London, England with Panrimo!

England : London

London is not only a popular travel destination, but also a smart choice for those looking to add an international experience to their resume. Panrimo offers personalized...

Intern Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic with Panrimo!

Czech Republic : Prague

The city of Prague is a wonderful destination and a popular one for many international students seeking a true European intern abroad experience. With many locals speaking...

Study Abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland with Panrimo!

Scotland : Stirling

With 34,000 residents—many of whom are college students—Stirling is technically the smallest “city” in Scotland. But there’s plenty to do. Head to Tolbooth Club...

Study Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic with Panrimo!

Czech Republic : Prague

Students will study at Charles University, one of the oldest universities in the world and the best-rated Czech university according to international rankings. With a large...

Study Abroad in Shanghai, China

China : Shanghai

Panrimo offers study abroad programs in Shanghai, China. Program participants will be enrolled at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. They can take courses in the following terms: -...

Intern Abroad in Dublin, Ireland with Panrimo!

Ireland : Dublin

Dublin is a thriving, multicultural capital city, with a diversity of workplaces and expertise that make it a prime location for anyone looking to intern abroad. With opportunities...

Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland with Panrimo!

Ireland : Dublin

Panrimo partners exclusively with American College Dublin, ranked as a StudyAbroad 101 top program for 3 years running. ACD's campus is housed in a number of beautiful Georgian...

Intern Abroad in Reykjavik, Iceland with Panrimo!

Iceland : Reykjavik

Reykjavik is one of the greenest, safest, and cleanest cities ever created. Adjacent to dormant volcanoes, hot spring pools, and glaciers, it's the perfect place to dance...

Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain with Panrimo!

Spain : Barcelona

Panrimo partners with Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, a school dedicated to preserving the culture and language of the surrounding Catalonian region. Students are given...

Intern Abroad in Madrid, Spain with Panrimo!

Spain : Madrid

For interns with interest in entering the fields of journalism, writing, tourism, or human resources, Spain's capital city of Madrid is an excellent place to intern abroad....

Intern Abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland with Panrimo!

Scotland : Edinburgh

Panrimo offers students and young professionals the opportunity to intern in a variety of industries such as event planning, architecture, and library science, among many...

Study Abroad in Florence, Italy with Panrimo!

Italy : Florence

Panrimo offers students the chance to learn about Italian culture and language while studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Students can take courses through Santa Reparata

Study Abroad in Lyon, France with Panrimo!

France : Lyon

Lyon is one of the greatest secrets in France. Not only is it the center of world gastronomy (the science of cooking), it has some of the best Roman ruins. From Vieux Lyon...

Study Abroad in Grenoble, France with Panrimo!

France : Grenoble

This Panrimo program is best suited for students and professional seeking an intensive French language and culture program in a unique French city. Panrimo partners with

Study Abroad in London, England with Panrimo!

England : London

Whether you grew up reading Harry Potter, dancing to the music of any number of British bands, or simply fell in love with the city while watching the Olympics, this is the...


Alumni Interviews

Staff Interviews

  • Ellen Knuth - Marketing Director

    Ellen Knuth - Marketing Director

    Ellen developed her love for travel through European adventures with her family, and ventured further abroad to Japan during her college years. After graduating she spent four years teaching in rural Japan through the JET program. Ellen is the author of Love Will Steer Me True (Loyola Press, 2014), a newspaper columnist for The Good News Paper, and a public speaker on a variety of topics, along with her work as marketing director at Panrimo.

    You were a teacher in Japan before you joined the Panrimo team. How did you find out about the opportunity with Panrimo?

    By a very strange coincidence! I was living and working in rural Japan, and on one particular weekend I flew to Tokyo for a friend’s wedding. Because I was the only foreigner attending who also spoke Japanese, they sat me next to an American guest who needed some translation help. This man turned out to be the intern abroad director at Panrimo and ultimately recruited me for the company when I returned to the States.


Neighborhood festival in Kotoura, Tottori Prefecture Japan

    A friendly neighborhood safety festival in Kotoura, Tottori Prefecture Japan

    You spent a great deal of time abroad before you even finished university. How did your own international experiences shape your perspective on the world as well as your career goals?

    Perhaps the biggest worry for first-time travelers is how they will cope with being in a foreign place. Luckily, my parents raised my sister and I with a love of travel, so it wasn’t as intimidating to study and live abroad as it may have been without that background. Having a variety of international experiences and friends all over the world has led me to realize that one of my greatest joys in life and work is meeting and connecting with people from all over this place. This in turn led me to a career that gives me the chance to travel and urge others to do so as well. I think perspective-wise this has left me very open to other cultures, and that has led me to a career that emphasizes traveling and the pursuit of international communication.

    Considering your own experience with international education program providers, what would you say sets Panrimo apart from other organizations?

    Panrimo programs offer support without hampering the participant’s independence. By providing on-site staff, midweek hangouts, and excursions we make sure participants have structured opportunities to explore the host city, but also give them plenty of freedom to do so at their own pace and with the friends they’re making while abroad.

    What do you enjoy most about working for Panrimo?

    Panrimo offers a collaborative, flexible work space that is ideal for creative people. We’re always looking to improve on our programs and outreach, so if someone has a good idea and is willing to put in the hours, there’s a great chance that could become a component of our next marketing push or campaign. It’s the same with our program locations, if someone wants to really push for a particular country or city and takes the time to facilitate it, that could very well be where we’re opening next!


Panrimo staff member at The Ohio State University

    Sometimes the job takes me on the road: Hello, The Ohio State University!

    What does a normal day of work look like for you?

    Coffee and a list of the day’s duties always comes first! The first hour or so I usually spend checking our various social media platforms or the projects completed by our intern. Then it’s on to emails and other administrative work to round out the morning. Afternoons are fun because that’s when I do the majority of the blog and copywriting for Panrimo material. Whether I’m writing for the website or for print materials and dossiers, I enjoy the challenge of bringing our program options to life through words and images. I have a carefully curated playlist of “writing songs” that helps me focus. In combination with other projects and work, this keeps me pretty busy until it’s time to go home!

    In working with partners and participants, what do you believe is the most attractive thing about Panrimo?

    We’re not a huge company and don’t aspire to be. Instead we keep things personal. If a student has a question, they know the name of the advisor who will help them; they’re not just talking to a random employee. Partners know that we aren’t providing them with faceless, nameless students and interns. They’re assured we have screened each applicant and have interviewed every person we send abroad. We want a Panrimo program to be comfortable for everyone involved in the process.

    What type of support does Panrimo offer participants during their time abroad?

    Panrimo employs on-site staff at every program location who are there from the initial airport pickup to the day when participants leave. These same onsite coordinators conduct an orientation to acclimate students to their new home and continue to help out throughout their program with midweek hangouts, excursions, and weekly emails. Whether it’s a housing problem or a medical emergency, Panrimo is there every step of the way. 


Visitor at a Malaysian temple

    Malaysian locals told me letting the lion bite my hand would lead to good health. Verdict is still out.

    How does Panrimo explain the power of travel to prospective participants?

    One of our slogans that really sums up how we feel is “Travel for life.” Travel isn’t a one-off experience, Panrimo instead wants our programs to be an opening to a lifetime of trips and travel experiences.

    When you travel for a study or internship program you are opening yourself up to a (literal) world of possibilities and potential. There is no better choice to make for yourself or your career in the current globalized economy.

    Are there any new programs or destinations we should look out for in 2016?

    Keep an eye on both our Iceland and Ireland programs as they continue to grow! Reykjavik is a great location and an excellent spot for higher level students interested in a hands-on environmental science program. Dublin, Ireland is set to become an intern abroad destination to rival London. Dublin is a lively, multicultural city and home to some of the biggest tech companies in the world, which makes it a prime location to get your international work experience.