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About Panrimo

Year Founded: 2007

Panrimo caters to students' overseas interests with a personal questionnaire that allows us to get to know them and provide a more personalized program from start to finish. We employ kind and knowledgeable coordinators in the host city eager to welcome and make students feel at home. We provide centrally located, safe, clean shared apartments with like-minded people, hospitable host families, and well-equipped residence halls. When students choose to study or intern abroad with Panrimo, they become connected with a group of students and graduates who have traveled the globe with us. They will get to know our staff and onsite coordinators before the trip begins. They will share unforgettable experiences with peers and colleagues abroad.

Discover Programs

Study Abroad in Madrid! Courses in English with Panrimo!

Spain : Madrid

Bask in the warm Mediterranean climate of Spain's capital city. Palaces, museums, and operas are only some of the attractions waiting for you here. Amazing food, people,

Intern Abroad in London, England with Panrimo!

England : London

Home to 240 museums, masters of fashion and design, and some of the most stunning city views in the world, London is not only a popular travel destination, but also a smart...

Study Abroad in Paris, Learn French with Panrimo!

France : Paris

With just over 2 million people in Paris, you’ll never get lonely. And when you do need some personal time, there are hundreds of quiet spots to sit and enjoy the city,...

Intern Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic with Panrimo!

Czech Republic : Prague

You'll understand how to communicate in a global work environment. You'll understand how to smash through cultural differences and get to the heart of working with a worldly...

Intern Abroad in Reykjavik, Iceland with Panrimo!

Iceland : Reykjavik

The land of fire and ice, Iceland's dramatic scenery combines the power of volcanoes with the frozen beauty of glaciers. This is your change to explore the worlds of the

Study Abroad in Reykjavik, Iceland with Panrimo!

Iceland : Reykjavik

Students will have the opportunity to study in one of the most unique countries in the world. Reykjavik University, located in the country's capital, was established in 1998...

Study Abroad in Barcelona! Spanish Language, English Courses

Spain : Barcelona

Barcelona caters to all types of students. Whether they are looking to improve written or spoken Spanish, take international business courses with local students, or simply...

Intern Abroad in Madrid, Spain with Panrimo!

Spain : Madrid

Spaniards are known to be "conquistadors" and though this may be a thing of the past, they still move gallantly through their Madrid streets. Intern with a multinational

Intern Abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland with Panrimo!

Scotland : Edinburgh

As the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is host of Scottish Parliament, the home of the largest theatre festival in the UK, and home to one of the most historic castles in

Study Abroad in Florence! Courses in English with Panrimo

Italy : Florence

Panrimo offers students the chance to learn about Italian culture and language while studying abroad in Florence. Students can take courses in photography, history, business,...

Study abroad in Lyon! Courses in English with Panrimo!

France : Lyon

Study abroad in Lyon, France with Panrimo if you wish to take courses in French language and others in English; the chance to understand French better with a local family...

Study Abroad in the French Alps! Learn French with Panrimo!

France : Grenoble

This Panrimo program is best suited for students and professional seeking an intensive French language and culture program in a unique French city. Panrimo partners with

Study Abroad in London with Panrimo!

England : London

Study abroad in London with Panrimo if you seek 100+ courses to choose from covering all levels during the summer or full semester. Intern abroad in London with Panrimo if...

Study Abroad in Scotland with Panrimo!

Scotland : Stirling

With 34,000 residents - many of whom are college students - Stirling is technically the smallest "city”" in Scotland. But there's plenty to do. Head to Tolbooth Club for...

Study Abroad in Prague, Courses in English with Panrimo!

Czech Republic : Prague

Dozens of courses are offered through the Prague program which will give you a choice of the program that best suits you - including European business, religious studies,...