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Top experience with Oxford House TEFL Prague

While browsing for the most appealing course, in the land of TEFL it might be hard to see the wood for the trees. Of course you could do an online course, but there won't be any theory out there to help you when you're trying to convey the message as a rookie in front of the classroom.

Because real-life experience is key, I am very glad I found Oxford House. The professional tutors provided me with tons of tips, gave us trainees clear instructions, were always enthusiastic and created a nice atmosphere. You gain a lot of confidence in the end while teaching, since you have lots of opportunities to create your own lessons and you have time to find out whatever (doesn't) works for you.

The certificates of this school are also recognized and moderated by Trinity College London, and that is definitely a plus while applying as a TEFL teacher. Still have any doubts? Just do it. Yes the course is intense, but even if you'll never teach for the rest of your life, you'll still obtain some extremely useful management skills, meet some great people and have a lot of fun in one of the most fairytale-like cities I have ever seen!