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Medical/Health Care Internship

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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The experience of a lifetime

My name is Nichole and I traveled to Ghana in 2013 and worked with this program for 4 months. It was an amazing experience to say the least. The staff became my good friends and were always there for me when I needed them. They are all reliable, friendly, and genuinely good people with good hearts. As for the experience, it is one in a million. You will be exposed to a healthcare setting that is unlike anything you will experience in your homeland. Be prepared to observe anything! Another plus to this experience is that the health professionals need help wherever they can find it, and will not hesitate to ask for your assistance. If you establish good relations with a doctor or nurse they will allow you to help them with almost any task, so put yourself out there and don't be shy. My absolute favorite part of the trip was the medical outreaches. During these days you travel to schools and orphanages and provide general first aid to the children. This includes disinfecting mosquito wounds, treating ringworm, providing food and toothbrushes, malaria testing, etc. If you stay long enough you may also revisit the schools and orphanages and be able to provide ongoing care to the kids and grow a relationship with some of them. This was my favorite part because you really get to do the most hands on work and interact with the children and experience a village away from the big city hospitals. On my last week there, we all pitched in a couple of dollars and made a big feast for the kids at one particular orphanage and it really made their day. This was a great way to spend time with the staff and just give back to the community. The homestay experience I had was great, there was always a meal waiting for me in the morning, my host-mother was truly amazing. The cost of living in Ghana is very affordable so you will also enjoy that perk! Ghana is a great country to travel to and has some of the most friendly people you will ever meet. This is a trip for the adventurous souls, and even if you're not one, the kind staff and friends you will meet will help you emerge into the culture. As long as you stick to your basic travel safeties and keep an open mind you will not regret this trip!