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Coast to Coast Expedition Semester in Costa Rica & Panama

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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Open up!

Open up your view of the world physically, emotionally, mentally. spiritually, and everything in between with Costa Rica Outward Bound. I was a student on the Coast to Coast Expedition, and while the title expedition was my favorite part of the trip, every phase had strengths, weaknesses, and lessons. Surfing is a lesson in perseverance. With no surfing experience, for me the phase was just continuous wipe-outs in the exhausting waves, but I think I got somewhere toward the end.... Anyway, SCUBA diving was absolutely amazing. Sea kayaking, snorkeling, and diving in Panama were just absolutely glorious ways to experience the wonders of the Caribbean. And the hike! The hike was an ever-evolving journey as a team to traverse the width of the fabulous country of Costa Rica. I loved the roads, the people, the group development, the mountains, the food, and the satisfying pain from having walked miles and miles carrying heavily loaded packs. The organization of the trip could be frustrating at times, but it really just takes a positive attitude to get through lateness, missing gear, an absent sailboat captain, etc. As for group dynamics, you never know what you're going to get. Maybe your instructors are perfect for you and your group; maybe you clash. Maybe your group works ridiculously well together; maybe you fall apart daily. Maybe you do a bit of both. Everything about the trip is a risk worth taking.