New York University Program Opportunities


New York University Madrid

NYU Madrid, founded in 1958, is NYU's oldest global academic center. Over 6,000 undergraduate students from universities and colleges throughout the US have studied Spanish...

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New York University Florence

New York University Florence at La Pietra is situated on a hillside just north of the center of Florence. Sir Harold Acton, a distinguished patron of the arts, bequeathed...

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Czech Republic

New York University Prague

Prague resonates with the culture of Europe, past and present. Home to prolific writers, artists, and musicians including Kafka, Mucha, Kundera, Mozart, Dvorák, and Smetana,...

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New York University Paris

Founded in 1969 as part of NYU's Center for French Civilization and Culture, NYU Paris is at the forefront of French-American cultural exchange. The NYU Paris academic center...

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New York University London

The NYU London academic center, located in the literary district of Bloomsbury that is also home to the British Museum and the University of London, offers students a unique...

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New York University Buenos Aires

NYU Buenos Aires is located in Argentina's vibrant capital. The curriculum focuses on Latin American studies and Spanish language instruction. Subject courses are taught

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New York University Shanghai

NYU Shanghai, the newest four-year degree-granting campus in NYU's global network, is located in the Pudong district of China's most invigorating city. Known for its economic...

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New York University Accra

At NYU Accra, students experience firsthand the diversity and complexity of West Africa. The academic center in Ghana is unique among NYU's locations because students take...

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United States

New York University Washington, DC

Close to the White House, the World Bank, and the Smithsonian Institute, NYU Washington, DC, provides a base for students to intern and study in a range of subjects from

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New York University Sydney

Located on the continent and nation of Australia, NYU Sydney offers students courses on the rich history of the immigrant and indigenous Australian communities. Students

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New York University Tel Aviv

A thriving metropolis by the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is Israel's financial and technological center and the perfect locale for students to study the nation's short yet...

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New York University Berlin

NYU Berlin is designed for students who want to earn credit in their major while having a transformative adventure abroad. All liberal arts courses are taught in English....

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