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Year Founded: 1989

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Eco Escape and Plant Trees to Save the Earth

Indonesia : Makassar, Rural Areas

LPTM offers volunteering opportunities in Conservation and Reforestation in rural Indonesia. Upon arriving in Indonesia, volunteers are introduced to the city of Makassar,...

Share Knowledge on Solar Energy to Indonesia

Indonesia : Makassar

Indonesia is now facing a problem of electricity supply, whilst it is a country of enough sun light the whole year. It has the potential in utilizing solar energy to solve...

Volunteer or Intern in Mechanical WorkShop in Indonesia

Indonesia : Makassar

Volunteer or intern with LPTM in Indonesia and help empower young people to access job opportunities through training programs like heavy equipment operator training, heavy...

Volunteering and Intern in Planting Bitti Trees in Takalar

Indonesia : Makassar

Local farmers in Laikang, Takalar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, used to cut trees to sell to brick and handicraft making industries and a sugar factory as fuel. No replanting...

Volunteering by Teaching Spanish

Indonesia : Makassar

Journey to Indonesia on a volunteering project with LPTM and teach the Spanish language to young people interested in Spanish or Latin culture and to those intending to study...

Educating Poor Urban Children in Makassar

Indonesia : Makassar

Makassar is one of the largest cities in Indonesia with a population of about 1.3 millions people. Gaps between living conditions of the city people are high, even if there...

Teach English in Indonesia! Non-Native Speakers Welcome

Indonesia : Makassar

Teach English in a friendly and personal setting while learning about Indonesian culture and making lifelong friends with LPTM. The cultural exchange program places English...

Volunteer in Arabic Language Teaching

Indonesia : Makassar

Spend a few weeks in Indonesia on a volunteer abroad program with LPTM and teach locals the Arabic language and about Arabic culture. Volunteers are expected to teach only...

Volunteering by Teaching Korean Language to Indonesians

Indonesia : Makassar

Travel to the Indonesian city of Makassar on a volunteering opportunity with LPTM. Volunteers are expected to teach the Korean language to young Indonesians who are interested...

Volunteering in Japanese Language Teaching

Indonesia : Makassar

The volunteer is to teach Japanese language to young people who are interested in further study in Japan and who are interested in Japanese culture.

Volunteer and Intern in Reforestation Program

Indonesia : Makassar

LPTM, an institution, is initiating and promoting reforestation of Bitti wood (Vitex conpassus) in the Regency of Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Being native wood,...

Volunteer and Intern in Web/IT Development


This position is to give the web/IT students/learners the opportunity to apply their skills in a real working situation particularly in developing website for our institute...

Learn Indonesian and Help with Urban Initiatives

Indonesia : Makassar

Learn Indonesian while volunteering in the Indonesian city of Makassar in South Sulawesi with LPTM. The program gives participants class training and the opportunity to practice...

Internships in SMEs and Various Industries - Indonesia

Indonesia : Makassar

LPTM provides internship programs in several industries as well as in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Placements include: Shipyards and steel...