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Year Founded: 2009

Love Volunteers is an agency working with local communities to provide non-profit program fees to international volunteers.

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Working in Orphanages, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka : Colombo Central

Volunteers undertaking this placement assist orphanage staff with daily routines such as: bathing, dressing, feeding, assisting with nursing care, organising exercise activities...

Teaching Children in Kindegarten

Sri Lanka : Colombo Central

Our kindergarten programs gives volunteers a wonderful opportunity to associate with kids from different backgrounds and ethnic communities. Volunteers assist in a wide range...

English and IT Teaching in Government Schools

Sri Lanka : Colombo Central

Working with local teachers, volunteers support children in their efforts to learn English and IT skills. The aim of the project is to lay a good foundation for students

Working with Children with Disabilities

Sri Lanka : Colombo Central

The vocational training center offers formalized classes that aim to improve the skills of children with disabilities. We welcome volunteers from different backgrounds with...

Volunteer Programs in Africa, Asia, Europe & The Americas!

-Multi-Country Locations : Albania, Cambodia and 25 other locations , Cameroon, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Honduras, India, Kenya, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Palestine, Peru, Russia, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, Vietnam, Zambia Show less

Love Volunteers is the most affordable way to volunteer and help local communities in developing countries. We work with local organizations wherever we can to keep administration...

Summer Camp Volunteers Needed

China : Sichuan

Working closely with an established partner NGO, the Love Volunteers team now offers volunteers the chance to experience an eye-opening placement in China. Placements are...

Work with Children with Disabilities - Volunteers Needed

China : Shanghai

Working closely with an established partner NGO, the Love Volunteers team now offers volunteers the chance to experience an eye-opening placement in China. Placements are...

Teach and Work with Children in China - Volunteers Needed

China : Jinzhou, Shanghai and 2 other cities , Sichuan, Zhengzhou Show less

Working closely with an established partner NGO, the Love Volunteers team now offers volunteers the chance to experience an eye-opening placement in China. Placements are...

Language Learning and Teaching in Russia

Russia : Moscow (Moskva), St. Petersburg

In close collaboration with our partners in Russia, Love Volunteers is offering placements in this astounding country with its incredibly rich history. The profile of a volunteer...

Language Learning and Medical Work in St Petersburg

Russia : St. Petersburg

In close collaboration with our partners in Russia, Love Volunteers is offering placements in this astounding country with its incredibly rich history. The profile of a volunteer...

Teaching and Working with Children in Provincial Russia

Russia : Moscow (Moskva), St. Petersburg

In close collaboration with our partners in Russia, Love Volunteers is offering placements in this astounding country with its incredibly rich history. The profile of a volunteer...

Environmental Conservation and Education Volunteer Program

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Environmental programs revolve around educating future generations on conserving the environment, through educational camps and activities put in place to promote sustainability...

Surf and Adventure Program - Volunteer and Have Fun!

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

The program takes underprivileged children out of the settlements and off the streets and teaches them valuable life lessons in the form of sports, adventure activities,

Sports Development and Leadership Volunteer Program

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

This program involves coaching young people at primary school level. Volunteers can assist in coaching sports and teaching kids various skills such as fitness training. In...

Community Development in South Africa

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

The volunteer will help the development of people at various levels e.g. skills development, leadership programs, awareness programs and community outreaches. Volunteers...

Education Placements - Great Experience at Affordable Rates!

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Volunteers can choose to assist in educational institutions such as primary and high schools as well as pre-primary and creches. Many volunteers enjoy working with local

Health Placements - Great Experience!

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Health and medical projects can be a very challenging environment where volunteers work in local community clinics and day hospitals. Background or exposure in the medical...

Social Welfare/Social Work - Gain Invaluable Experience!

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Social Welfare has many projects that need help and the volunteers can make a positive contribution to: * Children Orphanages * Abused children and orphans * Homes for...

Wildlife Protection - Volunteers Needed!

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Volunteers in the wildlife program will be placed on the Game Reserve which is situated in Port Elizabeth towards Grahamstown. The reserve is on 6000 hectares of land which...

Teach English in Honduras - Great and Affordable Experience!

Honduras : La Ceiba

Volunteers are invited to teach English to children and young people attending primary and secondary schools in La Ceiba and the surrounding area. Due to the poverty to be...

Orphanage Placement in Honduras - Affordable Rates

Honduras : La Ceiba

Feed the Children sponsors the programs at this orphanage which houses street children and other children at risk. Volunteers are sought who possess certain personal attributes....

Special Education Volunteers Needed! Great Experience!

Honduras : La Ceiba

Volunteers are needed to help at an elementary school in La Ceiba catering for children from kindergarten to the end of primary school who have minor physical and mental

Healthcare Placements in Honduras - Great Experience!

Honduras : La Ceiba

Volunteers who are registered nurses, medical students or other kinds of health care personnel, as well as those with a keen interest in contributing to health care are invited...

Volunteer in Honduras through the HIV/AIDS Program

Honduras : La Ceiba

Based in a local hospital, volunteers assist in carrying out the valuable work of educating people about HIV and AIDS, in Spanish, through workshops in schools and in the...

Teach and Work with Children in Honduras - Volunteers Needed

Honduras : La Ceiba

Teach and work with children in Honduras with Love Volunteers. The programs are based at La Ceiba, a port town in the Atlantida region of Honduras, located on the north coast...

Volunteers Needed in Ukraine - Orphanage Placement

Ukraine : Cherkassy, Kiev (Kyiv)

There are more than 100,000 children in more than 140 orphanages in Ukraine. The activities involved include the teaching of English to a range of ages, playing with the

Medical and Health Volunteers Needed - Zambia

Zambia : Lusaka

Love Volunteer's partner works with several busy clinics and hospitals. The duties assigned to medical volunteers depend on the individual's interests and expertise. Medical...

Teach in Zambia

Zambia : Lusaka

Those volunteering in Zambia to teach will often be assisting local teachers in delivering various subjects. Among these are mathematics, science, geography, social sciences,...

Working with Children - Zambia

Zambia : Lusaka

Volunteers are involved in working with orphans, most of whom have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. They will contribute to their day-to-day care. Duties include helping the...

Medical and Health Programs - Uganda

Uganda : Kampala

Placements for volunteers in Uganda are available in a number of Uganda clinics and hospitals, where the volunteer's role is tailored according to individual abilities and...

Teaching Programs in Uganda

Uganda : Kampala

Volunteers are placed in a school in Uganda which has high levels of staff shortages as a result of limited funding and inadequate resourcing. These schools are also usually...

International Volunteer Work with Children - Uganda

Uganda : Kampala

The work usually undertaken by volunteers in Uganda orphanages entails organising play, assisting with arts and crafts, and helping with feeding, hygiene and HIV/AIDS education....

Volunteer in a Community Centre - Tanzania

Tanzania : Arusha

Love Volunteer's local partner also runs a community centre, which plays a vital role. The centre includes a restaurant, a zoo, and a marketplace among other facilities.

HIV and Widows Program - Tanzania

Tanzania : Arusha

The population of Usa River includes many widows and abandoned women, as a result of HIV. Social stigma means that on many occasions a woman who admits to having HIV will...

Working with Children in Tanzania

Tanzania : Arusha

The orphanage we work with is home to 50 children between the ages of 2 and 9. The children are split into two groups. The baby class has approximately 40 under-4s and the...

Medical Placements in Senegal

Senegal : Dakar

Volunteers are hugely welcome in the health care sector in Senegal where their assistance is required in clinics and hospitals. A wide spectrum of individuals can sign up...

Volunteer to Teach in Senegal!

Senegal : Dakar

Volunteering to teach in Senegal is a rewarding experience. Placements teaching English, sports, ICT skills are available, as well as teaching life skills to individuals

Working with Children with Disabilities - Morocco

Morocco : Casablanca, Fes and 2 other cities , Marrakech, Meknes Show less

Government and community support for children with disabilities in Morocco can be seriously lacking. As a result most children with disabilities are destined for a life of...

Working with Children and Youth - Morocco

Morocco : Casablanca, Fes and 2 other cities , Meknes, Rabat Show less

Volunteers will work with Moroccan youngsters, teaching and assisting them to learn crucial life skills that we often take for granted. For example, volunteers may teach

Medical Placement in Malawi

Malawi : Lilongwe

In Malawi, those volunteering in Malawi for medical programs are supporting the vital and varied work of local clinics and hospitals. Pre-med students, medical students and...

Maasai Community Development Project

Kenya : Rural

What makes the Maasai people exceptional is that they have succeeded to a great degree in conserving the way of life they inherited from their ancestors, despite pressures...

Medical Placement in a Maasai Settlement

Kenya : Rural

The remoteness of the territories where Maasai communities are found means that medical expertise, supplies and training have always been in short supply. Volunteer medical...

HIV / AIDS Program - Kenya

Kenya : Kisumu, Mombasa and 1 other city , Nairobi Show less

The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa is unusual in its scope and magnitude. Health workers in Kenya are under great pressure, given the unprecedented surge in the number of HIV/AIDS...

Medical Placements in Ethiopia

Ethiopia : Addis Ababa

Medical volunteers in Ethiopia are placed in clinics and hospitals. The programs accept individuals with a wide range of experience, including qualified medical personnel,...

Photojournalism Projects in Peru

Peru : Cusco

Photojournalism projects are created based on the interests and skills of the intern, as well as the needs of our various projects and availability. Past projects have included...

Jungle Conservation in the Amazon

Peru : Rural Areas

As is the case in many developing nations, the environment often takes a backseat to the needs of people. Our jungle conservation program allows the intrepid volunteer in...

Construction Project - Peru

Peru : Cusco

State-owned buildings in Peru are often underfunded and, as a result, in a bad state-of-repair. Taking part in a construction project is often the most rewarding option for...

Teach English in Peru

Peru : Cusco

Imparting your own language in a way that works for the learner is always a stimulating challenge. Your students will possibly be of all ages and certainly from low income...

Health and Medical Placements in Peru

Peru : Cusco

You will be volunteering in Peru at a clinic that provides treatment to mentally and physically disabled children. The clinic is also home to some of these children including...

Medical: 3rd and 4th Year Students & Licensed Professionals

Peru : Cusco

Placements are either in state-run clinics in Cusco or in orphanages. Clinics care for 180 patients per day, including 10-20 emergencies. You will be working alongside approximately...

Medical: Pre-med - 1st and 2nd Year Medical Students - Peru

Peru : Cusco

Love Volunteers' partner places medical volunteers in local hospitals and clinics. Volunteers in Peru will need to supply medical certificates and should speak intermediate...

Orphanage Placement - Peru

Peru : Cusco

Doing your bit in an orphanage or other childcare facility is rewarding, sometimes chaotic, but always great fun. Childcare projects may take place in either an orphanage...

Alternative Health Care Program - Mexico

Mexico : Cuernavaca

With the complete absence of alternative healthcare for members of under-privileged communities, a program which delivers yoga sessions is a greatly welcome and well-attended...

Teach English in Mexico

Mexico : Cuernavaca

Volunteers are urgently required to work with students in developing their English skills. Our partner's objective is to provide the community's underprivileged children

Community Development in the Andes

Ecuador : Quito

This program located in the Andes aims to improve the quality of life of the 43 indigenous communities represented, by building a fairer, more egalitarian multi-cultural

Amazon Environmental Program

Ecuador : Rural Areas

Volunteers work at a Biological Station carrying out field research and education in the tropical rainforest region of the upper Napo River in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The

Amazon Animal Welfare Program

Ecuador : Amazaon, Rural Areas

Based at an animal rescue and rehabilitation centre in the Amazon jungle, volunteers work in partnership with an indigenous Quichuan community. The program's mission is to...

Conservation on the Galapagos Islands

Ecuador : Galapagos Islands

The main goal of this program is to develop methods for restoring native species in the highlands of the San Cristobal Island and on other islands in the future. The program...

Organic Farming - Ecuador

Ecuador : Canoa

Volunteers assist at a program located on the coast on an organic farm founded in 1994. The farm's mission is to spread organic farming practices which make use of bio gas,...

Woman and Children Volunteer Placement - Ecuador

Ecuador : Quito

Volunteers can choose a placement at the women's refuge where women and their children are housed, given medical attention and psychological assessment and treatment. Workshops...

Teach English in Ecuador

Ecuador : Quito

Ecuador also offers volunteer teaching placements for native English speakers. Previous experience and prior training are not essential. English is widely taught throughout...

Permaculture - Occupied Territories

Palestine : West Bank

Our partner's purpose is to provide a model for experimental sustainable living in the West Bank. They strive to re-purpose all the rubbish they create, to develop and use...

Teach English in the Occupied Territories

Palestine : West Bank

Native English speaking volunteers are needed for English teaching programs in the Palestinian Territories. These volunteers may work in a variety of venues and with different...

Community Programs - Occupied Territories

Palestine : West Bank

With an absence of safe places to play and with many areas left damaged by the unrest in their country, children in the Palestinian Territories really need the assistance...

Zoo-Ecological Volunteer Work in San Jose

Costa Rica : San Jose

Volunteers work at the city zoo in San José, alongside professional zoo staff. Duties involve taking part in the maintenance of the zoo, preparing food for the animals,

Turtle Conservation Volunteering

Costa Rica : San Jose

This popular program is located along the Pacific coast in rural communities. The program begins with two days of orientation in San José. Volunteers then travel by public...

Construction Project - Costa Rica

Costa Rica : San Jose

Volunteers are posted to construction projects in or around San Jose. These projects include renovation work (painting, plastering and repairs) and full construction (carpentry,...

Teach English in Costa Rica

Costa Rica : San Jose

Our volunteers work at one of our teaching English projects in impoverished housing areas. The venues are usually small community centres or churches within the housing area....

Non-Medical Health Volunteers - Costa Rica

Costa Rica : San Jose

Volunteers are posted either to a residence for individuals who are HIV positive or to an assisted living facility for very low income elderly residents. At the HIV residence,...

Medical - 3rd and 4th Year Medical Students & Licensed Professionals - Costa Rica

Costa Rica : San Jose

Dependent on availability, volunteer placements are either at a small clinic providing primary and emergency care to low-income families and orphans or with a private ambulance...

Medical  Pre-med - 1st and 2nd Year Medical Students - Costa Rica

Costa Rica : San Jose

Volunteers are placed in a clinic which provides both primary and emergency care to low-income families and children. Approximately 50 patients per day are seen at the clinics,...

Volunteer Work with Children

Costa Rica : San Jose

Volunteers are placed with childcare projects, which may be at an orphanage, an impoverished housing area, a refuge shelter or a community centre. These projects are all

Community Development - Vietnam

Vietnam : Da nang, Hanoi and 1 other city , Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Show less

These projects have a positive impact on social development and concentrate on providing education, aiding the disabled, protecting the environment and tackling poverty.

Outdoor Work in Thailand - Affordable Rates!

Thailand : Chiang Rai

Volunteers are deployed on a vast range of projects, all of which require a good level of fitness and a willingness to get dirty. The work can involve house-building, building...

Teach English in Thailand! Affordable Rates!

Thailand : Chiang Rai

Volunteers can teach English in Chiang Rai and work with young people at three different childcare centers, including one for pupils with special needs. The students often...

Mini Volunteer Program - Mongolia

Mongolia : Ulaanbaatar

The Mini volunteer program provides a superb opportunity to combine volunteer work with four days of travel. The schedule comprises an initial stint as a volunteer in Ulaanbaatar,...

Childcare Volunteering Program in India

India : Dharamsala, Jaipur

In this program the volunteer in India takes part in early childhood education at centres in rural areas. Volunteer activities include: monitoring attendance, teaching the...

Volunteer in India - School Placement

India : Dharamsala, Jaipur

The aim of the primary English teaching program is to help lay the foundations for a better future for each child by improving their English and other fundamental skills....

Volunteer in Cambodia - Social Work Program

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

Carrying out regular field visits, volunteers will be involved with the following groups: abused children, people infected with HIV, suffering addiction or with special needs,...

Cambodia Environmental Protection Volunteering

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

Among other environmental challenges Cambodia is dealing with many endangered species, not least the tiger and Asian elephant. While parts of the country are still covered...

Medical Placements in Cambodia!

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

There is a high demand for volunteer nurses, doctors and health specialists in Cambodia. Placements are for volunteers aged 19 and over in hospitals, health centres, on health...

Volunteers Needed in Moldova. Program Fees Start at USD 400!

Moldova : Chisinau

Love Volunteers, in tandem with its partner NGO in Moldova, is looking for volunteers for this small, picturesquely rural and very poor country. Volunteering in Moldova is...

Volunteer Abroad in Albania. Program Cost From USD 420!

Albania : Tirana

Love Volunteers has united with a local, established NGO in Albania to offer volunteer placements in this fascinating country. Volunteering in Albania means stepping into...

Volunteer to Teach English in Schools

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

Computer abilities and skills in the English language are important requirements for young Cambodians to enter the job market. However, because of cost, many individuals

Volunteer Teaching and Childcare in Orphanages

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

With 30% of Cambodians subsisting on less than 1.50 USD a day and HIV presenting a sizable problem, orphan numbers are high. Not all the children housed in orphanages are...

Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

Among the reasons for the urgent need for improvement are: land conflicts which lead to poor and vulnerable Cambodians being forcefully evicted from their homes; poor roads...

Community Development Volunteer Project

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

Volunteers aged 18 and over with a desire to support communities facing poverty, land conflicts, discrimination among other social problems, can take on Community Development...

Law and Human Rights Volunteer in Cambodia

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

Volunteering for a Cambodian Human Rights NGO enables you to support people who face discrimination and human rights violations, including families forcefully evicted from...

Vocational Training in Cambodia

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

By sharing your enthusiasm, skills and experience, working alongside youngsters for whom free formal vocational training is not available, you can have an impact on the country's...

Volunteer in Media - Cambodia!

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

Volunteering in the field of media and communications affords an especially deep insight into Cambodian culture. Volunteers who contribute their labour to free media will...

Education for Street Children - Jaipur, India

India : Jaipur

Among the poorest inhabitants of India's cities are families living in tent communities. Severely lacking basic necessities and resources, their children take to the streets....

Women's Empowerment Program in India

India : Dharamsala, Jaipur

The Women's Empowerment Program aims to assist deprived women to improve their self-confidence by helping them improve their literacy and IT skills. Living in a male-dominated...

Sports Education - Rural India

India : Dharamsala, Jaipur

Volunteers in India on the sports development program work in rural parts of India coaching specific sports at local schools, the most popular being volleyball, football

Woman Volunteers Needed for Orphanage Work

India : Jaipur

Volunteers in India assist orphanage staff with daily routines such as: * Bathing, dressing and feeding the children * Giving nursing care where required * Organizing...

Health Internship in Jaipur, India

India : Jaipur

Located in rural areas, the program delivers care to under-privileged Indian people. This is most suitable for volunteers in India who are medical students or who have completed...

Volunteer and Travel in India

India : Jaipur

What makes this venture attractive is the combination of volunteering in India and weekend travel at a very affordable cost. This four week volunteer program involves a placement...

Summer Volunteer Program - India

India : Jaipur, Pushkar

This 3 week summer program combines a cultural experience with the satisfaction of volunteering in India. On the first weekend of the volunteer period, trips to Pushkar (the...

Health Care and Medical Placements in Mongolia

Mongolia : Ulaanbaatar

Volunteers are placed in the Ulaanbaatar area, where the Family Hospital has a pressing need for extra helpers. The work is interesting, not least because two or three days...

Home Construction in Mongolia

Mongolia : Ulaanbaatar

Volunteers are invited to take part in the construction of homes for low-income families in Mongolia. In a country with as many as 780,000 people facing inadequate housing,...

Orphanage Work and Community Development Volunteering

Mongolia : Ulaanbaatar

Opportunities exist to make a difference to the lives of children living on the street in Mongolia. Compelled by their families' dire state of poverty, children leave rural...

Teach English in Mongolia!

Mongolia : Ulaanbaatar

Love Volunteers is looking for native English speakers to help teach and improve the knowledge of English to communities in Mongolia. English is taught from an early age

Volunteer in Business Management, Marketing, and Development

Mongolia : Ulaanbaatar

Management and Business placements offer volunteers the opportunity to develop useful skills while taking part in an interesting and worthwhile project. While experiencing...

Volunteer in Media - Mongolia

Mongolia : Ulaanbaatar

The media project amounts to an internship with Mongolia's premier television network, enabling volunteers in Mongolia to take part in many aspects of TV programme creation....

Work at an English Summer Camp in Mongolia

Mongolia : Ulaanbaatar

At a summer camp which primarily aims to teach English as well as cultural programs, volunteers assist the Mongolian teachers to deliver basic conversational English to 10-16...

Teach English in Nepal

Nepal : Kathmandu

The teaching programs take place in Kathmandu and in several other areas of Nepal and in both public and private schools. Besides English, volunteers are needed for subjects...

Teach in a Monastery in Nepal

Nepal : Kathmandu

Programs involving teaching in monasteries in Nepal are held in Kathmandu, Lumbini and certain other locations. The students are Nepalese monks and nuns, as well as Tibetan...

Teach in an Orphanage - Nepal

Nepal : Kathmandu, Lalitpur

Poverty and a very low standard of living sadly result in cases where children are left orphaned and uncared-for, often finding their way on to the streets. Some manage to...

Teacher Development - Nepal

Nepal : Kathmandu, Lalitpur and 1 other city , Pokhara Show less

Volunteers who are already qualified teachers are urgently needed for the Teacher Development program. This gives them an exciting opportunity to share their own teaching...

Agriculture and Environmental Programs in Nepal

Nepal : Dhading, Kathmandu

Volunteers in Nepal contribute to improving cultivation methods and they play an important role in the work going on to raise farming standards to bring them above subsistence...

Health and Medical Placements in Nepal

Nepal : Dhading, Kathmandu and 1 other city , Syangja Show less

Volunteer placements are based at health posts or hospitals, and are either Government-run or managed by the local community, in rural and urban areas. The locations include...

Make a difference in Nepal - Women's Empowerment Program

Nepal : Dhading, Kathmandu

The empowering of women from marginalized communities in Nepal is an important undertaking, bringing greater equality between the sexes, and increasing women's independence...

Teach English in Vietnam! Affordable Rates!

Vietnam : Da nang, Hanoi and 2 other cities , Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Thai Nguyen Show less

The volunteer's role in Vietnam is to support the provision of English in institutions where under-staffing and skills shortages are an issue. Teaching qualifications and...

Teach French in Vietnam

Vietnam : Da nang, Hanoi and 2 other cities , Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Thai Nguyen Show less

Volunteers with advanced French are needed in Vietnam. There are opportunities available for teaching French and assisting local modern language teachers in delivering the...

Childcare Program - Affordable Rates!

Vietnam : Da nang, Hanoi and 2 other cities , Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Thai Nguyen Show less

Volunteers in Vietnam provide much-needed support and assistance to children at various childcare facilities. One such facility is a government-owned school for orphans with...

Volunteer in Children's Daycare

Ecuador : Quito

Economically disadvantaged children attend the centre, and a volunteer's help is invaluable here. Volunteers tasks include playing, feeding, assisting with the acquisition...

Volunteer in a Children's Hospital in Quito

Ecuador : Quito

Volunteers are placed in one of Ecuador's main public hospitals, often working with young patients generally from poor families. Tasks range from changing nappies and assisting...

Volunteer to Assist the Elderly

Ecuador : Quito

We also need volunteers to help at a residential facility which houses both destitute elderly people and elderly residents with mental health and disability problems. The...

Volunteer with Children with Disabilities - Ecuador

Ecuador : Quito

Volunteers undertaking this project will contribute their time and energy to taking care of disabled children. The children live in a specialist home, but due to underfunding...

Health and Medical Placements in Ecuador

Ecuador : Quito

Based within one of Quito's major hospitals, volunteers enter a fast-paced environment which is severely understaffed, they initially shadow doctors and other medical staff...

Working with Children in Cameroon

Cameroon : Douala, Yaounde

Working with children aged 0 - 12 years old, volunteers in Cameroon can really improve the lives of Cameroonian orphans. These children have been orphaned as a result of

Volunteer to Teach in Cameroon!

Cameroon : Douala, Yaounde

Volunteers in Cameroon contribute to the delivery of a range of subjects, among them English, sports, computer skills, and basic life skills for those with disabilities.

Medical Volunteering in Cameroon

Cameroon : Douala, Yaounde

Medical programs in Cameroon welcome volunteers with a wide range of levels of experience, including qualified medical personnel, medical students and pre-med students. Attendance...

Working with Children in Ethiopia

Ethiopia : Addis Ababa

Our orphanage volunteers in Ethiopia make a real contribution to enriching the lives of Ethiopian orphans. The children you will be working with are aged 0 - 12 years old....

Volunteer to Teach in Ethiopia!

Ethiopia : Addis Ababa

There is considerable variety in the range of subjects taught by volunteers, which include English, sports, information technology and life skills for people who have disabilities,...

Orphanage Volunteer Program in Ghana

Ghana : Accra, Kumasi and 1 other city , Rural Areas Show less

Working at an orphanage in Ghana is likely to be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life. In orphanages and homes, volunteers assist in caring

Volunteer Abroad and Teach Children in Ghana

Ghana : Accra, Kumasi and 1 other city , Rural Areas Show less

Teaching volunteers help in a range of subjects, including mathematics, science, geography, social sciences, history, business education, art and music, as well as English. The...

Medical Placements in Ghana

Ghana : Accra, Kumasi and 1 other city , Rural Areas Show less

Medical volunteers in Ghana get to undertake duties according to their own interests and areas of expertise. Medical student volunteers shadow local doctors and nurses, assisting...

Working Abroad with Orphans in Kenya

Kenya : Kisumu, Mombasa and 1 other city , Nairobi Show less

Kenya has orphanages which house HIV/AIDS orphans, many of whom are themselves HIV positive. Other children in the orphanages were simply abandoned. Our programs are located...

International Volunteering: Teach in Kenya!

Kenya : Mombasa, Nairobi

Volunteers on the teaching program help with the teaching of different subjects in Kenyan elementary and high schools. This may include mathematics, science, geography, social...

Medical and Health Placements - Kenya

Kenya : Mombasa, Nairobi

Working in the area of health, the responsibilities given to volunteers in Kenya will depend on their medical qualifications. Qualified doctors and nurses will take on full-time...

Teachers Needed in Maasai

Kenya : Rural

There is a chronic shortage of teachers in the Maasai community schools and volunteers do not require a qualification, although some prior experience is always welcome. School...

Working with Orphans in Malawi

Malawi : Lilongwe

Volunteers working at the orphanages involved in the program will be helping children who have in the majority of cases lost their parents to HIV and Aids. Others were abandoned...

Teaching Program in Malawi

Malawi : Lilongwe

The notoriously under-funded schools of Malawi have a desperate need for teaching help. There are insufficient teachers for the numbers of children who attend, and teaching...

Teach French, English or Spanish - Morocco

Morocco : Casablanca, Fes and 2 other cities , Meknes, Rabat Show less

Volunteers teach foreign languages to Moroccan children who come from very modest backgrounds. These children can not afford to attend private language centres and the volunteer's...

Women's Empowerment in Morocco

Morocco : Casablanca, Fes and 2 other cities , Marrakech, Meknes Show less

Volunteers work directly with local women to support their pursuit of healthy and self-sustainable livelihoods. Among other things, volunteers will teach conversational English....

Working with Children in Senegal

Senegal : Dakar

The orphanages, where volunteers are placed in Senegal, house children aged 0-12 years. Some have been orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS, while others have been taken off

Teaching Program in a Vocational School

Tanzania : Arusha

The vocational school hosts young adults between the ages of 14 and 22 who are unable to pay USD 40 per year to attend secondary school. Many of the students come from extremely...

Dentists Needed in Honduras!

Honduras : La Ceiba

The dental department in the local hospital is always in need of volunteers' help, with the following being the tasks usually assigned: directly assisting dentists in their...

Medical Centre Activities, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka : Badulla

Medical placements are only available in Badulla. Basic medical centers are located inside the tea plantations, providing medical treatment for Tamil tea workers. Volunteers...


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