Linguistic & Cultural Exchange / Au-pair Placements in Spain

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Spain: La Coruna, Vigo

Length of Position: 2, 3, 6 and 12 months ( 4 to 12 months EU citizens only)


We are looking for students, English speaking people willing to experience a total immersion, culturally and linguistically.

We are currently looking for an energetic, enthusiastic, active, fun but responsible au-pair, someone who enjoys the outdoors, travelling and children's company; someone optimistic, capable to adapt to new situations.
The au-pair will have to look after the children and teach them some English,speak English to the children while playing.

In all cases, the host family will provide room and board, and the au-pair won't have to provide housekeeping. The au-pair will be paid 70euros-100euros pocket money per week for 20-30 working hours. The au-pair will have the opportunity to attend Spanish lessons in her/his free time.

If you are interested, please contact us; we will send you an application form to fill out to begin the placement process.


All year


* Aged between 19 and 30 years old
* Active, responsible, flexible and pro-active person!
* Experience with children (summer camps, teaching, sports coaching, weekend's club, etc)
* To be fit and healthy
* To have non criminal records
* To be an open, responsible, outgoing, committed, caring, enthusiastic and friendly person
* Knowledge of child safety and first aid is not compulsory but it is desirable
* Although speaking Spanish is not compulsory some families may prefer to host an au pair with at least basic knowledge of this language. If you do not speak Spanish you will have to enrol in a Spanish course.
* Experience looking after children will be an advantage
* To be happy doing some light housework
* To hold a residence permit, valid visa (for non European au pairs) or passport
* Even thought there are majority of women au pair, this is not a requirement. It will depend on families' preferences.
* To hold a Medical insurance (European Health Card for European au pairs and private health insurance for non European au pairs

Job Types

  • Art/Fine Arts
  • Au Pair
  • Education
  • English as a Second Language
  • Family and Home Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Nursing
  • Spanish
  • Sports
  • Tourism


  • English
  • Spanish

Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching

  • English
  • Spanish


70-80 euros per week plus full board

Experience Required


This Program is open to

American, Australian, Canadian, European, Kiwi and South African Participants.

Participants Travel


Typically Participants Work


Application Process Involves

  • Disciplinary Clearance Form
  • Letters of Reference
  • Physical Exam/Health Records
  • Resume
  • Written Application

Typically The Application Process Time is

1,2 months

Post Services Include

  • Job and Internship Network