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KPYM Himachal

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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Amazing time volunteering with KPYM

I was able to volunteer with KPYM for 10 days in August 2016 and had an unforgettable time. To start, the city of Shimla is gorgeous. It is located on the Himalayan foothills and could not be more breathtaking! I would recommend any volunteers interested to stay for a minimum of 2-3 weeks if possible. Being here for 10 days was too short!! There is so much to see and contribute in this NGO. Because of my limited time, I stayed in Shimla and helped with the company's digital marketing and in the afternoons, went to help teach the local children. It was a really rewarding experience. If here for longer, I would have helped out in many of the villages that are in desperate need of some teachers to teach underprivileged kids. They also have women empowerment programs in these villages! This organization also provides responsible tourism, so I partook in two of those tours that were absolutely incredible!! Overall, my time with KPYM has been so great. I encourage anyone willing to have a unique and rewarding travel experience to come to HPYM Himachal. This NGO needs help to grow into something incredible.