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KEI Abroad in Moscow, Russia

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I came upon KEI's program in Moscow purely...

I came upon KEI's program in Moscow purely by chance, as it repeatedly came up first in Internet searches for study abroad programs in Russia. I was impressed by its partnership with Moscow State University and with its lack of a language requirement. Because while I had been studying Russian language for almost a year before I departed, I was in no way fluent, and if I'd had to have been I never would have been able to go.
I'd been out of the U.S. several times before, but Russia was by far and away the most detached from home I'd ever traveled, which to be honest was a primary reason for wanting to go there. I am a firm believer in using as many resources and partnerships as necessary, as opposed to going it alone, to achieve my goals whenever possible. KEI turned out to be a fantastic program in this respect, as they helped me prepare for departure and arrival. While they made sure I knew all the information that I needed to get myself ready, they also orchestrated all of the details that can overburden international travel, i.e. visas/transportation from the airport/housing etc.
While I was in Russia, the KEI On-Site Coordinator was always available as a go between for any problems that inevitably came up, and was invaluable in orienting our group to the university as well as the greater Moscow area. She made sure we had the info we needed to get to our classes and see the sites, but without being overly nannyish.
I can honestly say that my experience abroad was almost nothing like I expected, but that it was infinitely more fulfilling, and that going by way of KEI played a major role in the success of my trip. After talking with other international students and seeing the varying ways that they traveled to Moscow and the unique problems that they encountered I wholeheartedly endorse studying abroad in Russia through KEI's Moscow program and would definitely travel with them again if I had the whole year to do over.