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About Knowledge Exchange Institute (KEI)

Year Founded: 1997

The Knowledge Exchange Institute was founded in 1997 with the aim of taking study abroad beyond liberal arts education and cultural exchange to include discipline-specific studies and professional development. We have developed affordable all-inclusive programs that integrate courses, internships, and cultural interaction with the goal of providing education abroad programs that allow students to complete major-specific and general education requirements, gain practical experience, and enhance their understanding of the world through sociocultural immersion. We offer programs that focus on business, economics, international relations, foreign languages, regional studies, psychology, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, communications, journalism, media, visual arts, performing arts, graphic design, and fashion design.

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Affordable Quality Programs in Kenya

Kenya : Nairobi

Want to study abroad in a place that offers a balance of modern skyscrapers and natural wildlife? KEI offers low cost, high quality, and customizable programs in Nairobi,...

Fashion Design, Merchandising and Communication in Italy!

Italy : Milan

Study fashion and design from the home of Armani, Versace, Prada, and Gucci Milan, Italy. At the Instituto Europeo di Design, study fashion design and merchandising courses...

Affordable Study & Intern Abroad in Lima & Cuzco, Peru

Peru : Cusco, Lima

Try many courses and internships taught in English and Spanish available in a variety of disciplines including multiple sciences, business and law, journalism, tourism and...

Fashion Design and Merchandising

-Multi-Country Locations : India, Ireland and 1 other location , Spain Show less

Fashion trends travel, and so can students interested in studying fashion design and merchandising! Choose between India, Ireland, or Spain. KEI offers students in the FDM...

Archaeology, Anthropology and Evolution

Tanzania : Dar Es Salaam

Students who study archaeology, anthropology, geography, and human evolution miss out when they don't study abroad. KEI offers low cost, high quality study and intern abroad...

Media and Film

-Multi-Country Locations : England, India and 1 other location , Thailand Show less

Anyone studying media and film knows that no one director, actor, designer, or writer is the same. This is because they all come with different experiences. Students in media...

Industrial and Product Design

-Multi-Country Locations : England, India

Industrial and product design combines visual art and business focuses that can be different from place to place. Studying abroad through KEI is a great way to learn about...

Theology and Philosophy

Tanzania : Dar Es Salaam

An important part of studying theology and philosophy is to study how different people think, what they believe, and how their upbringing in different environments and cultures...

Animal Science and Wildlife

-Multi-Country Locations : Russia, Tanzania

Students interested in veterinary medicine and animal sciences in management can experience a unique opportunity to study a variety of wildlife they would not normally see...

Foreign Languages and Regional Studies

-Multi-Country Locations : China, Ecuador and 7 other locations , England, India, Kenya, Russia, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand Show less

Students interested in studying and interning abroad have the opportunity to learn not just about their academic major, but also the country in which they are staying. KEI...

Study and Intern Abroad in Pune


KEI offers an affordable and high quality internship program in the Oxford of the East, Pune, India. Students in the business, marketing, information technology, journalism,...

Affordable Quality Programs in Beijing

China : Beijing

America and China have always had a strong relationship in business and culture. Any student wishing to learn and connect with Chinese culture, business, and politics should...

Affordable Quality Programs in Paris

France : Paris

Ernest Hemingway once said of Paris, If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for...

Affordable Quality Programs in London

England : London

London, the cultural melting pot of the United Kingdom, offers exciting and unique experiences for those wishing to expand not only their cultural knowledge but also their...

Affordable Quality Programs in Ecuador


KEI offers low cost, high quality programs in coastal Ecuador that allows students to benefit from the largest and most commercial city in Ecuador, Guayaquil. Hosted by the...

Southeast Asian Studies and Languages

Thailand : Bangkok

The Southeast Asian studies and languages program through KEI is beneficial for anyone wanting to know more about the history, political system, economy, arts, and languages...

Psychology, Sociology and Human Behavior

Thailand : Bangkok

To study the human mind and human behavior, one should always expand the survey to as many demographics as possible. Explore how others work, behave, live and entertain themselves...

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Thailand : Bangkok

What better way to explore the tourism and hospitality management industry than to study and intern in a completely different culture? KEI offers its students courses in

Southeast Asian Business, Law and Diplomacy

Thailand : Bangkok

Business, law, and diplomacy students know that many of todays leading companies are based in or have offices in Asia, therefore it is important to make connections to this...

Environmental and Ecological Studies

Thailand : Bangkok

The environment does not stop at the U.S. border, and neither should students interested in learning about biodiversity to the fullest extent. KEI offers a Environmental

Study Programs in Computer Science and Software Engineering

-Multi-Country Locations : Ecuador, England and 5 other locations , India, Ireland, Russia, Tanzania, Thailand Show less

Learn about computer science and software engineering in six possible destinations all over the world through KEI! Not only will students be given the opportunity to work...

Concentration in Science, Mathematics and Engineering

-Multi-Country Locations : England, India and 3 other locations , Russia, Tanzania, Thailand Show less

KEI offers programs in five countries for students wanting to broaden their horizons in research and career building in the science, maths, and engineering industries. Students...

Medicine, Health and Biomedical Science

-Multi-Country Locations : Ecuador, England and 4 other locations , India, Russia, Tanzania, Thailand Show less

Graduate and undergraduate students will each find benefits with KEI's medicine, health, and biomedical science programs offered in six countries. Depending on the location,...

Affordable Quality Programs in Dublin

Ireland : Dublin

KEI offers affordable study and intern abroad experiences in Dublin, Ireland where students can take courses in their major, minor, or complete general education requirements....

International Programs in Tourism and Hospitality Management

-Multi-Country Locations : England, India and 5 other locations , Ireland, Kenya, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand Show less

What better way to explore the tourism and hospitality management industry than to study and intern in a different country? KEI offers its students courses in business, communication,...

Study Programs in Business, Law and Diplomacy

-Multi-Country Locations : China, Ecuador and 12 other locations , England, France, India, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey Show less

To be a business, political, and diplomatic leader in today's society it is imperative to be culturally aware and understanding. Studying abroad in the business, law, and...

Visual and Performing Arts Program

-Multi-Country Locations : England, India and 1 other location , Ireland Show less

Part of what makes visual and performing art so great is the universality of the piece or performance. Ensure that your art has universality and timeless quality with a study...

Affordable Quality Programs in Moscow

Russia : Moscow (Moskva)

KEI offers an affordable program for students wishing to enhance their understanding of Russian language and culture through the host university, Lomonosov Moscow State University....

Journalism, Communications and Media

-Multi-Country Locations : Ecuador, England and 3 other locations , India, Ireland, Kenya Show less

When working in the journalism, communications, and media industries, it is important to broaden horizons and see multiple perspectives. Studying abroad through KEI offers...


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