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Missionvale Care Center

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Faith is in the people

I participated in a volunteer holiday in Missionvale, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
One of my wishes was to visit a country not as a tourist but as one of the residents.
I can without on put goal off at Missionvale. A town ship of 65,000 people.
In 1988 is an Irish non Ethel Normoyle started under a tree to help poor South Africans.

This is within the township become one to a center with a school of 250 pupils and a daily food issuance to 700 families.
In addition, there is also a medical center and clothing warehouse.

Through the volunteer organization Commundo and Kayha in South Africa I've specified 3 holiday weeks as a volunteer. From a volunteer House were the volunteers every working day to the projects.
From Monday to Friday from 8 to 3 hours I have worked in the center of the township, at the Missionvale food issue, the clothing store but also as a teacher to children of addicted parents.
The food issue consisted of a half you bread and a small bag of flour.
Per 15 people were through the fence of the center allowed to get their daily ration. There was also a week for a family package consisting of a can of tuna, canned beans, a pack of SOAP and 5 bags tea.I will never throw away a plastic bag bread without realizing how effective that was used here. In the bottom of the bread bag packed and the bars of SOAP were the rest of the plastic was used to 5 tea bags to pack. The clasp of broodzak served as a conclusion of their Christmas gift than for 5000 children throughout the year.

I have all the space provided to my knowledge as volleyball coach.
I have 12 Volleyball balls could take turns classes bought the art of volleyball at.
But I've also painting and drawing classes.

The lack of resources was harrowing. If the class had computer lessons were given 12 of the 24 students access to 4 computers. The other 12 had to that hour then but in the corner of the classroom.

But the most I am touched by the people from the township which work in the center.
For 125 euros per month they work everything around and in the weekends driving of the money that's left (??) 100 orphaned children fed. But while working there were no different than Sung (gospels), laughed and talked how grateful they were that they were allowed to do this.
It provides me with the thought that faith is in the people.

One morning when I was in the center was I heard singing. The children learned under the leadership of the headmaster of the song Hallelujah by Robert Cohen. If you do then does that which is with you.