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Work in an Orphanage in the Philippines

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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  • Living Situation


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As a young traveller, I am truly grateful for the opportunity I’ve had.

I feel that while I was there I made the children’s lives more enjoyable – they may not have received the attention I was able to give them had I not been there.

Would you volunteer again?


Anything else?

As a young traveller, I am truly grateful for the opportunity I’ve had.

Volunteer Experience:
I was working in an orphanage looking after the children. They were adorable and I really value the time I spent with them.

Living Situation:
Really great – Ate Joy was amazing and you really feel like a part of the family. It was something I was quite worried about but experiencing the different culture was great and I have also learnt about other parts of the world from other volunteers, which is really nice. Everyone has been lovely and the homestay has a great atmosphere, with people always coming and going.

As heartbreaking as some things are, such as being asked for money by street kids, you have to try and distance yourself – you can’t help everyone. Also do everything you can – from visiting other projects to meeting up with other volunteers, say yes!

Don’t worry about being younger than everyone else – other volunteers will treat you the same and everyone, no matter what age, gets homesick sometimes

Program Administration:
Do you feel Kaya were supportive throughout your preparations and during your stay?

Yes. They were great with answering any odd questions I had, no matter how silly, and being checked up on while I was out there was really nice.