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Wetlands and Islet Conservation Internship

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10/ 10

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The perfect stepping stone from degree to career.

My experience in China transformed the way I live and think, giving me inspiration to embark on a career that can shape our world for the better.

Prior to my internship, I had completed a degree in Geography, so was already interested in topics such as sustainable development, but my involvement in community projects in a foreign country helped me put this knowledge into practice.

I built on the skills I already had, but also gained new ones and finding that designing structures and facilities that benefitted both the local community and the environment was where my passion and talents lay. This experience directly led to my interest in Landscape Architecture, and since returning from China, I have completed a Masters degree in this subject, focusing on landscape ecology and ecosystem services.

Additionally, living in such a beautiful environment, I took up new hobbies that I would have otherwise never have stumbled across, including rock climbing, kayaking and mountain biking. Passions that I have brought back with me to my life in the UK.