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Senior Nursing (Management) Specialist Needed in China


China: Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and 2 other cities


1, master the professional medical theory of clinical medicine, nursing, etc;
2, inspect and instruct heavy and complicated the patient's nursing plan, responsible for consultation and critically ill patients nursing;
3, understand the domestic and international nursing development trends, and introduce advanced technology, to improve the quality of nursing, the development of nursing science according to the specific conditions;
4, hosting nursing round and guide the patient rounds, solve the technical problems encountered in operation, constantly improve nursing quality;
5, responsible for technical evaluation, nursing mistakes and accidents, and handling opinions;
6, completes the nurse-in-charge, nurse practitioner qualification assessment and training work, master the nursing personnel technical operation ability and level, make the assessment basis for promotion;
7, make constructive suggestions for the construction of nursing team, technology management and organizational management,.
8, female preferred, 35-50 years old, come from Hong Kong or Singapore are most welcome

Job Types

  • Health Sciences
  • Nursing


  • English

Experience Required


    at least 8 years Nursing (Management) experience

This Program is open to

American, European, Canadian, Australian, Worldwide and Asian Participants.

Application Process Involves

  • Resume