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GP (General Practitioner) Needed in China


China: Beijing, Guangzhou and 2 other cities


1, master basic medicine, clinical medicine, humanities and social science, the basic theory and method of general medicine;
2, can diagnose and treat community emergency rapidly, such as judge the patient's condition rapidly, stabilize patients condition, for the further treatment;
3, can diagnose and treat common disease and frequently-occurring disease in the community. For chronic disease, GP can make the comprehensive treatment according to the physical, psychological, social factors, patient family and community environment, and evaluate regularly, and to revise the treatment when necessary;
4, master the routine clinical auxiliary diagnosis method. Such as the three conventional, X-ray, ecg, etc;
5, master the common clinical diagnosis and treatment technique. Such as gastric lavage, thoracic puncture, abdominal puncture, etc;
6, understand the time of consultation and referral.
7, male or female both ok, 35-50 years old
8, very good English ability, and basic Chinese
9, can work and live in Hangzhou, China

Job Types

  • Health Sciences
  • Medicine


  • English

Experience Required


    at least 8 years General Practitioner experience

This Program is open to

American, European, Canadian, Australian, Asian and Worldwide Participants.

Application Process Involves

  • Resume