ISA Study Abroad in London, England

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You can't go wrong with ISA London.

The trips organized by ISA were definitely a highlight of my time abroad. We went to Scotland, Stonehenge, Bath, Canterbury, Dover, and so many more places. Every trip was memorable and so easy because I had to do ZERO planning. ISA planned everything and everything they planned is exactly what you'd want to see.

I specifically loved the double decker bus tour we took around London and the Ghost Bus Tour we took on Halloween. Both organized by ISA and both wonderful.

A friend of mine at Boise State was going to study abroad in London through ISA. She always knew she wanted to go to London, though I'm not sure how she specifically found ISA. I sat by her in one of my classes and she'd always talk about everything she was doing to prepare to study in London soon. She got me interested in going so I ended up going the semester after her and used the same program she used because she seemed to like it and that was I had someone to ask all my questions to!

When I went, you were either placed in dorms or apartments (I believe you could choose which you preferred). I lived in a dorm. I had my own room, five suite mates, two bathrooms, one GIANT kitchen. There are two (at least) dorm locations and both are in the heart of the city! You can't go wrong with either.

I knew people who lived in apartments (placed there by the program, not apartments you have to find and rent). Apartments were more modern than the dorms (but the dorms are by no means bad), most have a TV in them, however, you had to share a room-- usually with only one other person but I think I remember one case of three people to a room. Rooms were decently sized, though, so you weren't just crammed in there.

Also, anywhere you live will be close to a tube station which is completely necessary and completely awesome!