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ISA Study Abroad in Lille, France

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Vive La France

Long Live France! I have this hanging on my wall to remind me of my best summer yet. Spending 5 weeks in France gave me the opportunity reach out of my comfort zone and fully immerse myself in a new culture. With teachers from France, Germany, and Britain, I was able to learn more about the world, the French language, and European Business. I believe the real learning came from the streets of Lille. There was one experience that I never could have planned for, and it changed the way I see the French culture. The FIFA World Cup is played every four years. This summer, the games began about two weeks after I had arrived in France. On June 15, France played Honduras and I saw the French come alive. Eating dinner at 9pm, gathering at restaurants, parks, and bars to watch the game. Screaming and shouting when a goal was scored. Eager and enthused fans storming the streets, as the game came to an end. I found myself drawn to the World Cup even after I got back home, but cheering for the French just wasn’t the same. It was only by chance the World Cup and my study abroad overlapped, but it changed my perspective on soccer, the World Cup, and the way I see the French Culture.