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Outside your Comfort Zone

When most people start to talk about their experience studying abroad, they talk about how it changed their life. So if you are considering study abroad, you have already heard it a million times. So I will be cliché for a few minutes. Studying abroad was the most daring, exciting, scary, and worthwhile decision I have ever made. Daring that I chose to move to a completely unique and different country for five weeks without knowing a single soul on the entire continent. Exciting because this would be the chance to gain a new perspective on an unfamiliar culture and truly find myself. Scary because of the comments from friends and family that I was receiving about how dangerous and confrontational Jordanians, and even all Middle Easterners are. By the way, all of the negative feedback I got about choosing to go to Jordan were all very wrong. And finally, worthwhile because my entire experience gave me the change to find out who I really am.
So now that I am done being cliché, the idea of studying abroad to a perspective student always sounds exciting and intimidating. I found this quote while looking into ISA as possible program to go to Jordan with, and I think it helps to put studying abroad into more perspective. “I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth, then I ask myself the same question” (Harun Yahya). This quote helped me finalize my decision, and I hope that it will also help other students as well. The world can be viewed as a very large place with many different people living on it. But traveling abroad helps a person realize that we are all equal and that experiencing other culture is very beneficial. It teaches us not to be as close minded and to be open to people who seem to be different than us.
Overall, I found myself in Jordan. I hope that by reading this, it gives you the courage to try something new and go outside your comfort zone to experience something that will help you find yourself.