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About IPSL

Year Founded: 1982

IPSL aims to promote service learning through conferences, publications, training, and research opportunities for faculty and service agency staff and to offer international programs for undergraduate and graduate students from higher education institutions around the world. Our programs combine academic studies and community service and full cultural immersion to give students an intense, more meaningful study abroad experience. We collaborate with partners to offer short-term and semester-long programs that unite study abroad with volunteer service opportunities in host communities. We engage students, educators, and grassroots organizations all over the globe in hands-on service to promote social justice, mutually beneficial relationships, sustainable change, and dedication to our shared humanity.

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Study Abroad + Service Learning Galapagos Islands & Quito

Ecuador : Galapagos Islands, Quito

Quito/Galapagos Islands and Guayaquil. The Quito/Galapagos program is well suited to science, biology and environmental science majors. The courses are taught in English

Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Cambodia and Thailand

-Multi-Country Locations : -Multi-Country Locations, Cambodia and 1 other location , Thailand Show less


Study Abroad + Service Learning in Arusha, Tanzania

Tanzania : Arusha

Students will have the opportunity to get a rich, traditional Tanzanian experience by living in beautiful Arusha - a traditional and less populated city very close to many...

Study Abroad + Service: Thessaloniki, Greece

Greece : Thessaloniki (Salonika)

The AFS (American Farm School) Perrotis College is unique in that it offers programs of study in more than humanities and liberal arts. A new semester and summer long program...

Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Cusco, Peru

Peru : Cusco

Cusco is perfect if you are interested in anthropology and archeology as you are surrounded by ancient Incan civilization and European Spanish culture at every turn. This...

Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Ecuador : Guayaquil

You will spend a semester, summer or year developing your Spanish skills; studying Ecuadorian history, culture, and society at Universidad Espiritu Santo; living with an

Study Abroad + Service Learning London, England

England : London

Academic focus is very broad with lots of possibilities including globalization; race studies; war, conflict and media; popular culture; Irish studies; theatre and the arts;...

Study Abroad + Service Learning Dublin, Ireland

Ireland : Dublin

Wide range of coursework available from the Dublin City University course catalog and a big city and big university study abroad experience where students live on campus

Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Segovia, Spain

Spain : Segovia

We have just designed a new program for students interested in learning Spanish and Arabic language and culture. It is located at our Segovia, Spain site and is suitable

Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Siena, Italy

Italy : Siena

In Italy, the academics focus on the Italian language and culture and students take quite a bit of language study. However, you do not have to know Italian to attend this...

Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Montpellier, France

France : Montpellier

It is a beautiful location and students can study at the IMLS language institute while living with a French family and volunteering in the community 15-20 hours per week....

Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand : Chiang Mai

The program at Chiang Mai University is a very strong one and the IPSL program director is very dynamic. In Chiang Mai, students live on campus in the International House...

Study Abroad + Service Learning in Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam : Hanoi

A new semester program that explores a country in the heart of SE Asia. Students study Vietnamese, service-learning, politics, development, human rights, etc. at Hanoi University....

Study Abroad + Service Learning Cordoba, Argentina

Argentina : Cordoba

At the small private college, Universidad Blas Pascal, students have an opportunity to learn and study with young people from around the globe as well as native Argentines. Living...