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Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Cambodia and Thailand

-Multi-Country Locations : -Multi-Country Locations, Cambodia and 1 other location , Thailand Show less

The countries of S.E. Asia are as different as they are similar and IPSL students have a unique opportunity to live, study and serve in TWO important SE Asian countries,

Study Abroad in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Tanzania : Dar Es Salaam

Dar-es-Salaam is an eclectic mix of Swahili, German, Asian and British architecture, reflecting its colonial past and recent history. This program offers an opportunity for...

Study Abroad in London, England, United Kingdom

England : London

Through academic immersion and hands-on volunteering, students receive an understanding of local culture and the unique global flavor that is the City of London. London is...

Study Abroad + Service: Thessaloniki, Greece

Greece : Thessaloniki (Salonika)

The AFS (American Farm School) Perrotis College is unique in that it offers programs of study in more than humanities and liberal arts. Students interested in agriculture,...

Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Cusco, Peru

Peru : Cusco

Cusco is perfect if you are interested in anthropology and archeology as you are surrounded by ancient Incan civilization and European Spanish culture at every turn. While...

Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Spain

Spain : Segovia

The IPSL Segovia program is the perfect program for people interested in sustainable tourism, art, architecture, or Spanish language and culture. In Segovia, IPSL participants...

Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Italy

Italy : Siena

You will spend a summer or semester in Siena, studying Italian language and society at Siena Italian Studies and engaging in substantive volunteer service for 10-15 hours...

Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: France

France : Montpellier

You will spend a semester studying French language, culture, civilization, and social issues at Université Paul Valéry (Université Montpellier III) and at the Institut...

Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand : Chiang Mai

You will spend a semester in Chiang Mai, studying Thai culture, language, and society at Chiang Mai University and engaging in substantive volunteer service for 10-15 hours...

Study Abroad + Volunteer Service: Ecuador

Ecuador : Galapagos Islands, Guayaquil and 1 other city , Quito Show less

I. Guayaquil You will spend a semester, summer or year developing your Spanish skills; studying Ecuadorian history, culture, and society at Universidad Espiritu Santo; living...


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