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Organic Farmers & Reserve Maintenance

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9/ 10

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How to be addicted to the Atlantic Forest!

Staying for a month at IPBio Reserve enabled me to learn about a wide range of paramount fields within the International volunteering actions. From the fascinating scientific research projects of the Institute to the discovery of the World Natural Heritage that the Atlantic Forest represents, there is so much that has caught my interests.
I mainly did some gardening, outdoor maintenance in the Reserve, taking care of vegetable patches, Begonia Herbarium and all sorts of plantations. Work closely with the gardener was an amazing opportunity to learn from him, and be directly immersed in the local life. There are projects to be done at any time, any kind of weather, and developing adaptation skills is essential, in order to be able to enjoy fully the diversed missions of the Research Institute. I particularly enjoyed being around locals and having lots of occasions to discover Brazilian authentic life, and wildlife. Everyone is so welcoming, that you can only leave thinking you have to be back one day.
IPBio Institute is key to the conservation of the biodiversity, and volunteering there will truly make you feel part of the protection of our Future.