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Year Founded: 1980

Intrax is a global company that provides a lifetime of high-quality educational and work programs that connect people and cultures. We operate in more than 100 countries worldwide and offers diverse educational and cultural programs, including high school exchange, international au pairs, language classes, leadership programs, and work and internship placements. Our participants come from all walks of life. We help talented and adventurous college students and young professionals get a head start in their career path by obtaining international work experiences. Since its founding in 1980, Intrax has placed more than 350,000 participants in its programs. We are based in San Francisco, California, with offices on four continents.

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Intrax Engineering Internship in Japan

Japan : Tokyo

Intrax Engineering internships in Japan offers a variety of placements. Interns can choose to join a full-service, multicultural web development company based in Japan and...

Intrax Engineering Internship in France

France : Paris

Intrax Global Internships offers engineering placements in the fields of Technology and Computer Science in France. Interns will be immersed in a fast-paced work environment...

Intrax Business Internships in Berlin, Germany

Germany : Berlin

Intrax Global Internships offers international business placements in Berlin, Germany, that helps interns obtain invaluable practical experience in a fast-paced work environment...

Intrax Business Internships in Santiago, Chile

Chile : Santiago

Intrax Global Internships business placements in Santiago, Chile, helps interns gain hands-on experience in the economic leader of South America, build their professional...

Intrax Business Internships in Beijing & Shanghai, China

China : Beijing, Shanghai

Intrax Business Internships in China helps interns obtain practical experience in an international setting and build their professional network. China has the fastest growing...

Intrax Business Internship in Paris, France

France : Paris

Intrax Business Internships in Paris, France, lets participants gain hands-on experience in a global workplace, develop their professional network, and enhance their resumés....

Intrax Business Internships in London, United Kingdom

England : London

Intrax Business Internships in London in the United Kingdom guides participants into the world of international business where they can expand their professional network

Intrax Business Internship in Tokyo, Japan

Japan : Tokyo

Intrax Global Internships international business placements in Tokyo, Japan, gives interns the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a variety of fields, build a wide...

Intrax Business Internships in Barcelona & Madrid, Spain

Spain : Barcelona, Madrid

Intrax Global Internships offers placements in two of Spain's most popular cities: Madrid, the country's capital, and Barcelona. Interns in these placements will gain hands-on...

Intrax Business Internships in the United States

United States : Chicago, Los Angeles and 2 other cities , New York, San Francisco Show less

Set yourself apart with an internship in the United States. Whether you are an American student or have a F-1 or J-1 Visa, an internship in a major U.S. city will help...

Intrax Business Custom Internship Groups

-Multi-Country Locations : Asia Region, Britain and 2 other locations , Europe Region, South America Region Show less

Intrax Global Internship Custom Internship Groups combine the comfort of traveling as a group, the independence of individual placements, and the benefits of round-the-clock...

Intrax Global Internships - Faculty-Led Custom Groups

-Multi-Country Locations : Africa Region, Asia Region and 3 other locations , Britain, Europe Region, South America Region Show less

Intrax Global Internships offers programs that are customized for student, academic, and professional groups that want immersive and experiential exposure in different countries....

SEO Marketing Intern for Online Company in Germany

Germany : Berlin

Intrax Global Internships offers placement at an online real estate company in Germany. SEO Marketing interns will work in an international team, focusing on new markets

Intrax Hospitality&Tourism Internships in the United States

United States : Miami, New Orleans and 2 other cities , Orlando, Palm Springs Show less

Intrax Global Internships offers a program in the United States that provides professional experience geared towards independent participants that includes an internship

Intrax Public Administration&Law Internship in United States

United States : Honolulu, San Francisco

The United States prides itself on being the land of opportunity. Working as an intern opens up a lot of doors and gives students, recent graduates, and young professionals...

Intrax Engineering Internships in the United States

United States : Berkeley, Palo Alto and 1 other city , San Francisco Show less

Intrax Global Internships offers Engineering internship placements in the United States. Interns have the opportunity to establish themselves as an engineer or architect

Intrax Engineering Internships in London, United Kingdom

England : London

Intrax Global Internships offers an engineering placement at a London-based gaming company that develops original online games for a good cause. The company develops mobile...