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Year Founded: 1980

Intrax is a global company that provides a lifetime of high-quality educational and work programs that connect people and cultures. We operate in more than 100 countries worldwide and offers diverse educational and cultural programs, including high school exchange, international au pairs, language classes, leadership programs, and work and internship placements. Our participants come from all walks of life. We help talented and adventurous college students and young professionals get a head start in their career path by obtaining international work experiences. Since its founding in 1980, Intrax has placed more than 350,000 participants in its programs. We are based in San Francisco, California, with offices on four continents.

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Intrax Global Internships - Faculty-Led Custom Groups

-Multi-Country Locations : Asia Region, Britain and 1 other location , Europe Region Show less

Let us help you build a customized experience for your university, organization or private group! Intrax has been a leader in university custom programs for more than a decade,...

Intrax Social Development Internships Abroad

-Multi-Country Locations : Africa Region, Asia Region and 1 other location , South America Region Show less

The mission of Intrax's Social Development Internships is to empower communities, promote social and economical development, conserve the environment, and cultivate educated,...

Intrax Social Development Short-Term Projects

-Multi-Country Locations : Africa Region, Asia Region and 1 other location , South America Region Show less

Intrax Social Development Short-Term projects operate over the summer in each of our four country sites: Belize, Peru, Ghana & Thailand. Explore the local culture and work...

Intrax Business Internships in the United States

United States : Chicago, New York and 1 other city , San Francisco Show less

We offer internship placements in Chicago, New York and San Francisco for F-1 visa-holding international students with OPT or CPT status. All of our internships build directly...

Intrax Business Internships in Barcelona & Madrid, Spain

Spain : Barcelona, Madrid

Intern in financial companies and foreign language schools in Spain with Intrax. Barcelona has always been a major trading city and a commercial center. Past interns here...

Intrax Business Internship in Tokyo, Japan

Japan : Tokyo

Tokyo is a fast-paced mega-city full of opportunity, and Intrax's internships reflect that. Possible internship placements may include working in the world of high finance,...

Intrax Business Internships in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil : Sao Paulo

Gain the professional experience you need in São Paulo, the largest city in the southern hemisphere! Intern opportunities may include positions in finance, marketing, or...

Intrax Business Internships in London, United Kingdom

United Kingdom : London

London is home to one-fifth of Europe's largest companies and is a hub for bankers, brokers, technology and media companies galore. Without having to worry about a language...

Intrax Business Internship in Paris, France

France : Paris

With one of the highest GDPs in Europe, Paris is a hub for large global companies as well as international organizations. Interns in Paris will have the chance to sample

Intrax Business Internship in Singapore

Singapore : Singapore City

Intrax Business Internships in Singapore offer students an incredible opportunity to work at a company situated in an innovative, fast-paced environment unrivaled by any

Intrax Business Internships in Berlin, Germany

Germany : Berlin

Intern in the field of Business in Europe's largest and most economically influential country, Berlin. Interns will gain a dynamic professional experience in this historic...

Intrax Business Internships in Beijing & Shanghai, China

China : Beijing, Shanghai

Here's your chance to be part of the fastest growing global economy! As China's financial and commercial center, Shanghai is responsible for the country's transformation...

Volunteer Abroad in Belize with ProWorld

Belize : Punta Gorda, San Ignacio

Are you ready for the life-changing experience of volunteering abroad? Join us for immersive volunteer projects in Belize that range from 2-26 weeks. See the world and yourself...

Public Relations Internship in Beijing at Top PR Agency

China : Beijing

Intern this summer in Beijing as a PR Intern at Hill & Knowlton, a renowned agency with offices in 44 countries. Clients in the Beijing offices include Pernod Ricard China,...

Intrax - Tax Advisory Intern at PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Germany : Berlin

PriceWaterhouseCoopers is one of the "Big Four" accountancy firms, the second largest in the world. PwC provides industry-focused assurance and tax advisory services in

Intrax - Business Development Internship with Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile)

Germany : Berlin

Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading telecommunications company, more recognizably known in the US for its mobile division, T-Mobile. Interns will work on Web TV...

Intrax Business Internships in Santiago, Chile

Chile : Santiago

As the strongest economy of the region, Chile offers both a culturally rich and professionally engaging opportunity for a summer internship. Chile's capital city is host

Intrax Social Development Internship in Belize

Belize : Punta Gorda, San Ignacio

Belize's culture is rich and diverse, but it's limited by issues of poverty, lack of education, health services and jobs. Interns working in Belize will have the opportunity...


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