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Volunteer and Teach English in Bali

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10/ 10

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IVHQ gave me the opportunity to make my dreams of traveling the world a reality. It gave me an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget. I can't start to explain the precious memories and extraordinary people I have met in my trip. It all feels surreal now to be back at home. I remember being hesitant to go on this trip when my best friend first propose the idea. I had never heard of Bali or IVHQ so right of the bat I did some research on both. IVHQ's website accessibility to basically all the information you need was wonderful. It made me feel safe and like I can trust the organization. The website was really inviting and extremely easy to navigate in, I could even chat with someone if I had any questions at any moment! This really pushed me to go on my trip because I felt fully informed and cautioned about any obstacle that might come my way. Once arriving in Bali the staff at Green Lion, a patterning organization was extremely friendly and helpful. They made understood what was expected of us as volunteers and what are duties are to be. They kept their doors open to talk on anything we felt bothered us whether it is while volunteering or in the homestay. What I loved the most about volunteering for IVHQ is the people I met from all over the world. Everyone seemed to be on the same page wanting to achieve the same goal. I taught English with a girl from Italy my second week volunteering and it was splendid. We got along on the first day and culture crashes did not seem to be an issue at all. We planned and taught diligently together and before you know it became good friends. Outings were also a plus, we had a good amount of free time and with everyone being around the same age had a great time together no matter where you came from. It was extremely easy to make friends with people and plan trips for the weekend, which was a favorite part of mine because we got to explore different areas in Bali. With all the fun and new experiences that come with traveling abroad it all comes down to the purpose of the trip. I love and am proud to say that an effort to make a positive contribution to the community of Bali was made and delivered. Not only in words but also in actions. It’s a blessing for me in itself to visit such a beautiful place and meet such friendly people. If I could change anything about my trip it would be to have stayed longer. You get so accustomed to the daily life that you'll be surprised when the last days start rolling around and you don’t want to leave. For that reason I know ill be back in Bali. So thank you IVHQ for opening my eyes to such a beautiful place and letting me be apart of a bigger project for the better. I am whole-heartedly beyond grateful for the wonderful experience you gave me the opportunity to have. Thank you

  • International Volunteer HQ responded to this review July 12, 2015 at 9:35 PM

    Your welcome Lorena! We are so glad that we were able to provide you with such a memorable and positive experience volunteering in Bali. Thanks for being an IVHQer and we hope to have you back on another of our programs at some point in the future.