International TEFL and TESOL Training participants International TEFL and TESOL Training participants

International TEFL & TESOL Training:Paris & Brittany, France

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If I were to choose again, I'd do the same!

A great thank you to the ITTT-International TEFL & TESOL Training team!
I've been working as a translator in Paris for the past 17 years and really felt I needed a change this year! I've always liked the idea of teaching English, but never felt confident enough to try. When a friend told me about the TEFL online courses, I found it was the ideal solution for me as it would allow me to continue working while completing the course, so I signed up for the 120-hour online course with tutor and videos. As I went through the course I realised there was a really good reason for my lack of self-confidence: there was so much I still had to learn and consider about teaching. It's not something you can just improvise counting on your motivation and knowledge of the language. So that solved my problem. The course is organised in such a way that unit after unit I've been feeling a real enthusiasm for teaching building up inside me and now I've completed it I can't wait to get started!