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IFSA-Butler University of Melbourne

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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University of Melbourne

I studied abroad at Uni Melbourne last semester through IFSA-Butler. The experience was amazing and having IFSA take care of all the logistics made my transition into the culture, the school, and the other side of the world so much easier. I loved the programs they planned throughout the year, the location they set up for us in the city was SPECTACULAR (we lived in a Unilodge in the heart of Melbourne) and the overall support I felt from the organization was incredibly comforting.

My only complaint was, since I had IFSA take care of all the housing and so forth, all of us Study Abroad students lived together, meaning that I didn't feel as culturally immersed as I originally hoped. I know that it also was due to the cultural differences of Australia and the Australian school system though (many people just commute to Uni from outside of the city, or live at home while going to Uni, so you end up being bunched with International students when you go to Uni in Australia).