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Study Dance at Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta

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8/ 10

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6 months-1 year cultural studies scholarship

Hi, it's great opportunity to know better Indonesian culture. You can study different things: Indonesian language, traditional dance, music, batik and much more. Just choose the study object, choose the place where you want to study and apply. I enjoyed this scholarship!

Yogyakarta is very live city. Here are so many cultural events every day, so many artists with whom you can collaborate and meet. You just need to be open, curious and you will have many possibilities to discover not only traditional Indonesian culture but modern art as well. Also Yogyakarta city location is very grateful, within 1-2 hours by motorbike you can reach really amazing nature places: waterfalls, caves, mounts, beaches and etc. As well in the city you can find many beautiful places, meet interesting people. It’s a city that never sleeps :) ISI Yogyakarta university is located in south part of Yogyakarta city. Here are many places covered by rice fields. So most of the time you can see green color around you and Parangtritis beach is ~40 min. away (yeah it's not the most beautiful beach in Indonesia, but at least sometimes you can feel sea breeze and see amazing sunsets). For me, this location was perfect - not so far from center, you can still be at least in small part of nature and the prices here a bit cheaper than in other parts of Yogyakarta.