Teach & Travel Program: TEFL Cert, Teaching Intern, & Travel

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China: Beijing

Length of Position: 6 months


The Teach & Travel China (TTC) program has been operational for several years now with hundreds of successful candidates who have completed internationally recognized English teacher training, to teach English to local schools around China.

This unique opportunity allows participants from around the world to come live, travel and work abroad in China. This six month program incorporates a 4-week intensive teachers training run by the renowned English Language Company. Upon successful completion of this course, participants are rewarded with an internationally recognized ELC Certificate which can be used outside the program! Participants are then sent around mainland China to teach English at local schools.


* Unique Programs - both Teach & Travel China and Camp China are unique in providing a winning combination of: TEFL Training + Cultural Exchange + Guaranteed Paid Job

* Variety - we offer programs for degree and non-degree holders, as well as native and non-native English speakers.

* A competitive edge - After a rigorous teacher training and experience the ELC TEFL certificate will set you on an exciting and new career path. Depending on your educational qualifications, you could take your teaching experience in China and work your way around the world.

* Building your skills and abilities - With Teach & Travel China programs you will gain work experience, conversational Mandarin abilities and personal and professional contacts in the fastest growing economic power in the world. All of these elements benefit anyone in a country doing business with China now or in the future.

* A global network - As a member of the TTC family you will meet and work with people from 18 different countries. Teach & Travel China is truly an international program, drawing like-minded participants from all parts of the world.

* Insight to China - Teach & Travel China programs allow you to live, work and travel in China providing you first-hand experience of Asian culture and customs.


What are the requirements to be an eligible applicant?
* Age limit - 19 to 45 years are preferred by Chinese schools. Mature 18 year old considered.
* Completed high school with sound grades (post secondary school preferred)
* Good English grades at school
* Appropriate personal qualities (maturity, flexibility, ability to cope with challenges, good communication skills)
* A range of hobbies and interests
* Provide copies of academic qualifications
* Good health
* No police record
* Demonstrated cultural sensitivity
* Sound understanding of all aspects of the English language

* Some work experience- either paid or voluntary
* Experience of working with children
* Held a position of responsibility at school
* Independent travel experience.

Minimum Education

High School

Job Types

  • Education


  • English

Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching

  • English

Cost in US$:

Please contact us for more information.

Program Fees Include:

* A 4-week Training & Orientation Package
* 24 Hour support and emergency services
* The ELC Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
* Orientation to China
* Lessons in basic Mandarin
* Placement in schools for work as a Teacher Intern.
* Ongoing academic support & access to teaching ideas and resources
* Accommodation and meals whilst employed at schools
* An allowance of 2000RMB per month when in a school
* A completion bonus of RMB2500 per semester once the Teacher Intern Placement is completed.
* Internal travel, when moving between schools, will be paid.
* Time to travel other areas of China during school breaks and after your time at school.
* The program is endorsed by Chinese government authorities.
* Option to request school placement for a second semester


2000RMB per month at your school. 2500RMB completion bonus

Experience Required


This Program is open to

Worldwide Participants.

Application Process Involves

  • In-Person Interview when Feasible
  • Online Application
  • Phone/Video Interview

Typically The Application Process Time is

2-4 weeks

Institution Affiliates:

World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation