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IES Internships - Rome Summer Internship

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10/ 10

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National Institute for Health, Migration, and Poverty Internship Abroad

Recently I studied abroad which is an experience that propelled my passion for global health, microbiology, traveling, and human rights. The combination of those interests are unique, but I was enlightened about each of them in my work experience abroad. I was a research intern at the National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty. There I aided in research of candida cell infections and the effects of LAMP and IP3 antibodies on autophagy. I also took the minutes of meetings for the European Network for Health Inequalities where I learned about the actions put into place by doctors and health officials within the the European Union to educate about the rights to access health care and other global health initiatives. I learned so much during my time spent at the National Institute for Health, Migration and Poverty and it motivated me even more for my future. In regards to social life, I traveled around Italy and surrounding countries in good company. I met amazing friends in my program who I made amazing memories with and who I still stay in contact with. My living situation and learning atmosphere were nothing less than ideal. I absolutely loved being immersed in Italian culture in an apartment in Rome. Everything about my internship experience with IES Abroad was enriching and surreal.