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IES Internships - Paris Summer Internship

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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My Paris experience

For me, this was my first time abroad. I had an idea of what to do and how to act, but there was no real way to prepare for the experience. Fortunately IES was there to help in just the right places. I was placed with a wonderful family, and they were key to my cultural experiences. They were able to give me tips on fun places to go, but also places that might be unsafe. They also taught me how to use the metro lines. In reference to the metro, the Metro Pass that IES provided was a God-send. Metro travel for normal tourist is extremely expensive, and my free metro pass allowed me travel as much as I wanted. I was able to travel throughout Paris and even a few outside neighborhoods. My freedom of travel really made the difference between a vacation and a true experience. Finally, IES provided another layer of security. IES frequently emailed us about possible danger, even before the State Department. The staff at IES also frequently texted us just to check in. Overall my internship was an amazing experience, and would recommend it to anyone.