IES Abroad Berlin - Language & Area Studies Semester/Year Program

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Germany: Berlin


With IES Abroad Berlin, students can take their German language skills to the next level. IES offers students the opportunity to take classes at several different universities in Berlin including Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin and Freie Universitat. Programs are available in the fall, spring, and for an entire academic year.

Live in Berlin, one of the greatest cities in the world, and the center of German business, politics and culture. Some students are also able to participate in internships in and around Berlin in order to broaden their international work experience. Studying with IES Abroad Berlin provides a great experience to help students live up to their full potential; at home and abroad.


1. Learn German in amazing IES Abroad language classes

2. Choose from a multitude of subjects including business, economics, film studies, and political science

3. Optional internships allows students to gain international career experience and develop their resume

4. Live with local students and residents in great housing around Berlin

5. Take part in IES excursions to other European cities such as Budapest, Vienna, and Dresden

10 Overall Experience

Life Redefined

Snowshoeing in the Swiss Alps. I had never gone snow shoeing before and absolutely loved it! It was such a workout, but the view of the black forest from the top of the Alps was priceless!

I chose IES Abroad Freiburg because I wanted a full immersion program that would improve my German language skills. I got so much more than that!

I lived in a nice flat about a 15 min strassen bahn or bike ride from the IES center. I lived with 4 other roommates, both male and female, who all studied at the university and spoke German. My roomm was a nice size and came with a desk, desk chair, bed, linens, wardrobe, small safe, shelf, and mirrior. The flat had 2 large refigerators and 2 large bathrooms. Everyone in my flat was very nice and I made great friends with my roommates. The building was also very close to a large nice park where I spent a lot of time running or just hanging with friends. Grocery stores were also close by within a 5 minute walking distance.

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