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IAU College - The French Honors Program

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10/ 10

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Working with French

My main goal in studying in France was to work on my capacity to speak French. The French Honors Program at IAU College has been a perfect place to really learn the language. The entire course load is in French. There are plenty of classes to choose from. As a Writing major, I was able to take an entire semester of classes based on literature, writing, or linguistics. This includes a class of creative writing in French.
Because these classes are with other students learning French, it’s not nearly as intimidating as speaking French in front of French students. This also means that the professors are willing to really work on the language with us. They’ll mark the grammar mistakes on papers and go over small rules if it’s necessary. And everyone at the university is incredibly patient with French learners. I really found the opportunity here to take my knowledge of French and work on weeding out the small errors.
The French Honors Program has worked with the French language just as much as it provides an opportunity to find new perspectives and ways of thinking. There are small excursions and activities throughout the semester that have showed us places and experience around Aix-en-Provence that we might not have seen otherwise. This semester, we had excursions to a nearby art museum and a small Provencal town. These were also times to be around other non-native French speakers to practice speaking with. Overall, the French Honors Program and IAU College in general has been a safe space to really work with the language.