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Thailand Coastal Conservation Expedition

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10/ 10

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Turtle Cleaning, Banter and Bunkbed Galore!!

The beautiful region of Phang Nga that i travelled to offers an amazing insight into Thai life away from tourism. Although there was Wifi and a laptop readily available i still felt i experienced a true immersion of the culture. I learned basic Thai which i used frequently with trips to the local shops and restuarant and have ended up teaching my family since i have returned. I was there for 6 weeks which i saw as an optimum amount of time to truly appreciate the scenery of Phang Nga and the beautiful people i met.

We took part in biodiversity surveys, Turtle cleaning, teaching English classes, teaching environmental studies classes, Species ID, entry of Eshark data and much more! This kept me very busy as i also took part in the Leadership Programme. All in all, i had no time to miss my family or western life, i had such a well rounded trip that i feel truly changed by the experience.

I was blessed to be able to attend the Community Development Centre's sports day each week and visit the local orphanage. This is where i met children who may have the least amount of possessions of any child i have spent time with before but they have the richest of hearts. It helped me realise what i wanted to do in my future career and helped change me to be more compassionate about other people's situations.

Three words to sum it up : Best Trip Ever!!

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