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Teaching Internship in Nepal

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Will probably come back with my son!

The whole 5 months in Nepal was a truly positive experience. Working and building relationships with the staff team, Ruth, Lok, Binita and Adele was fantastic. Having the flexibility to produce and plan lessons from scratch and then being able to deliver them to the children was extremely rewarding, especially trying to introduce a different method of teaching rather than the rote style that is currently given. Although due to the structure of the LAC exams I do understand why this method is employed by the school. Coming up with the concept, then designing and then working with Lok and other volunteers to construct the outside teaching area was certainly enjoyable for most part and an experience I will never forget, especially seeing the children use it for the first time!

I feel that improvements could be made with the introduction of some type of basic teacher training, even if this was in form of written exercises due to the unlikely presence of someone who was qualified to carry out such training. Also I believe the leadership training needs modifying, from what I found is very much a comprehension exercise to something that has a little more imagination. I understand the leadership course has just been introduced, but I felt it was produced straight from a text book and was not very inspiring.

I also think that project goals need to be on display and explained very clearly to all new volunteers. Short term objectives need to be consistently introduced and reviewed on at least a monthly basis. Ruth and the team did produce and display objectives approximately half way through my internship which was obviously a step in the right direction. Ultimately projects should not become over reliant on GVI assistance, in my opinion GVI need to guide project partners to become self sufficient and self sustaining. i.e. the enhancements GVI bring must eventually be taken on by the local partners even if this takes months or years, this requires a set timescale.

During the welcome weekend, the staff team should ask all new volunteers, "Why are you here?" Get them to write it down and get them to explain out loud to the rest of the group. If the answer doesn't include 'to assist GVI and the project partners in what ever way they can to improve/enhance the children attending the projects' or on those lines, then I believe this should be explained and instilled into all volunteers! ;)

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