Baby Elephant Care and Community Development Internship


Thailand: Rural Areas


Provide daily care for a new mother and her calf, and run long term health studies on elephants in the program. For 3, 6, 9, or 12 month placements interns assist managing a new elephant sanctuary and help develop innovative new eco-tourism projects. Living and working in a traditional Karen village in the mountains of northern Thailand, interns on this project get a unique opportunity to learn about living with elephants in the forest from a community that's been keeping elephants for hundreds of years. Depending on your interests, you can assist elephant behavior studies, document medicinal plants, teach English in the village school, and/or help find new livelihoods for the villagers so they don't have to return to working in the circus with their elephants.


Daily contact with elephants, directly responsible for monitoring an elephant calf's health and providing basic daily care. Work closely to assist an elephant specialist vet run the project, and benefit from his years of experience working with elephants, eco tourism management, and conducting wild reintroduction studies. This internship also provides a unique look into Karen culture, living and working within an indigenous community. Learn Thai and Karen languages, traditional forest medicine, and ancient elephant keeping techniques. This internship offers experience working with a remote community, eco tourism management, teaching, and animal husbandry.

10 Overall Experience

This has been a great experience so far

This has been a great experience so far. I was expecting to just observe elephants but instead have got a whole new experience a whole new way of life, get up close and personal with the elephants and learn a new language, I don't want to go home!

Favorite part is getting to experience a new culture and immerse yourself in it completely.

The program has opened up my options for future projects and work with animals and helped me to decide what I want to do with my future.

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