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Summer Combined Internship/China Experience Program

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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Great place to teach and learn!

Guizhou Forerunner College is amazing. I knew it was a non-profit, charity school before I applied.I thought it was going to be some poor, remote village. When I was picked up from the airport by the college's driver, he drove through some really remote places, i thought perhaps I was being kidnapped. However, all of a sudden, in the middle of nowhere and out of nowhere, a beautiful modern campus appeared. Honestly, the condition was much much better than I have imagined.
Soon I found out that this place has much more to offer. I assisted a teacher from Texas in two of his English classes, teaching about 20 students each. The students are locals from Guizhou, the poorest province in China. I got really close with several of them because I tutored them outside class time as well. One of them said that he is heir to a village chief, and he is of Ethnic Tujia, not the common Han Chinese. He told me some of the most crazy stories I have ever heard about witchcraft and herbal medicine and what not.
It was also a great place to hike and have fun with friends. I became good friends with two other interns from Johns Hopkins. We had a lot of fun. We originally planed to organize a trip of maybe 5-6 people who were close, but eventually became a 30 people tour group that had both international volunteers, interns and Chinese staff.
I enjoyed so much about this program that I made verbal agreement with the college that I would come back and serve here for a year or 2 after I graduate,and I have kept that promise.