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9/ 10

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Teaching In Italy- You Get Out What You Put In

Volunteer teaching through Greenheart Travel was hands down one of the best experiences of my life. I want to study and work in international education in the future and I believe I gained invaluable experience in the field that is directly related to my future career goals. Working with many different teachers and age groups (anywhere from 9-14 years old) was very challenging and kept me on my toes. I definitely had my work cut out for me but most teachers were very accommodating and gave me a lot of freedom and independence in the classroom. My school and housing were in a great location, right outside of Torino, which made it easy to explore, though a bit difficult to travel throughout Europe. My homestay placement was better than I could have asked for and I became extremely close with my family. My host family made my experience memorable and unfortunately, I believe this experience is heavily contingent on your host family and how much effort you put in in trying to get to know them. For some program participants, such as myself, it's an experience of a lifetime, for others, not so much.
I would recommend this program to volunteers wanting complete cultural immersion in a temporary teaching position but I would suggest getting some sort of TEFL certification beforehand. Greenheart is also very supporting, resourceful, and responsive, but their partner organization in Italy, WEP, is disorganized and sometimes unhelpful. Still, if you're independent and willing to put the time and effort into your host family and school, it is certain to be a life changing experience.