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Ecuador: Coastal Jungle

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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Great memories!

I have many great memories from my time on the Ecuador: Coastal Jungle program. Some of my favorites include eating freshly made patacones in the kitchen of the bamboo house after having harvested both banana and plantain trees nearby on the reserve. We used the bananas to make vinegar in the kitchen after we ate. Another was relaxing in the hammocks after a tough day of work and staring out at my favorite tree on the horizon. Brushing my teeth on the spit deck with the other members of the group and playing cards with them by candlelight till we were all exhausted was great as well but my favorite thing may have been showering in the waterfall that was a 5 minute walk from the Bamboo House. It was the perfect way to wash away the dirt from the day and really feel connected to everything around me in the jungle.

Our time on the beach in Canoa was the perfect way to finish up. I got to try surfing for the first time and even stood up a few times which surprised me. Sunset yoga afterward was amazing as well and we finished just in time to watch the sun dip into the ocean as it set. We had so much fun with the coordinators on the beach and it was nice to hang out with them and relax. With so many activities to chose from, I was always busy having a great time and trying something new.