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Sri Lanka - Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation

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10/ 10

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Incredible and stunning

I first arrived in Ambalangoda not knowing what to expect. A 17 yr. old who had never flown out of North America by herself had just arrived in Sri Lanka a week ago was never happier. I had made an amazing group of friends during orientation week and was beyond excited to start volunteering. The housing I stayed at was directly across the street from the beach and a 2 mins. walk away from the Disabled Turtle Home. I would wake up and have an amazing breakfast with everyone else who was staying in the house. We would then walk over to the turtles and begin our work; which i will admit was sometimes hard but extremely fulfilling. Some days we would either clean the beach, clean the turtles, feed the turtles, move sand, or more. After working with the turtles, we would play on the beach, go to town and explore as many places we could go to. The volunteer organizers were extremely helpful and had a lot of trust in us.

I will admit, I was one of the youngest volunteers there and was a bit scared. However, within 6 hours of landing in Sri Lanka, my fear was gone and I was already meeting amazing people from all over the world that I still keep in contact with today. Some were Paris, London. Austria and we're even all planning another trip next summer all together. I highly recommend this program. This has been a life-changing experience and for anyone who's just a bit lost in life or the need for a change of pace; this program provides an amazing new perspective that I am so happy I was able to be exposed to at such a young age.