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Sri Lanka - Child Care and Community Work

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10/ 10

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teaching at pre school

I chose the teaching project in pre school during two weeks. I went to a little pre school (about 13 cjildren) in a small village ( 30minutes by bus from the house where i was located).
I was very good welcomed by the teacher and all the parents. For example every morning the caretake brought me a soda !
The teacher began by instructives songs that I could join because most of them where in english and after this it was my turn. I learnd them others english songs, games, drawing, dances...
I brought gloves to make ballons, buffers, felt-tips.
Children didn't understand english but it was not a problem, you don't need to spreak thier language to communicate.
When I arrived a cordinator taught me basic vocabulary so I have tested my Sri Lankan accent with children !
With this trip I saw the real life en Sri Lanka, things that a tourist can't see.
In my country I'm not a teacher but it was not a brake for this project.